Tricks for amazing sex


Sex is all about both parties having an enjoyable time. However, there are a few techniques which you can use to spice up your sex life.

For example, going out on a date night with your girlfriend, just like you did in the start of your relationship. Make a reservation beforehand, so that both of you can come for the event together. You can also book a room to get some private space to spend quality time together. Yes, it helps a lot. At home, you are surrounded with your daily stuff and your mind never leaves the responsibilities of the chores to make you both give full attention to each other. So, it is important to plan a dinner and pamper one another once in a while. Make sure you look pretty for your partner and try your best to talk and express love. 

Tell your partner how sexy he/she is and why you feel attracted to him/ her. It may sound silly but your words will have a powerful impact on them and will reassure them about your feelings. 

In order to keep your relationship fresh and exciting, you can also go for role-plays. Role games are extremely sexy and exciting. Play a different role and just enjoy the moment. You can also play a scenario where one can be dominant and the other submissive or play a scene which turns into a sizzling hot and passionate sex. Experiment and try different role-plays according to what turns you on the most. Make sure you consider the choices of your woman too as this is definitely something which make woman ready for sex

Visit a sex store together and check out some amazing sex toys to boost your sex life. Allow the salesman to show you the latest trends of the erotic realm. Do not be shy, and if you are hesitant then why not cuddle together and shop for a suitable sex toy online. You can also buy amazing essential oils to provide additional attention to your partner. A good massage surely turns on a lot of people.

If you are with your partner for a long time, then you both can watch adult movies and pictures together to bring some amazing newness to your sex life. It will turn you on instantly and also provide an additional kick to your boring sex life.

Speak to an escort Bern to know where you are lacking. Often men lose interest in their woman and they need someone to talk to and pull out of it. Our escort Bern will give you a divine experience and help you see the many other unexplored sides of sex. They will help you come out of the repetitive, boring sex life and will help you try new sex positions and tricks.

Lastly, in order to keep yourself young, energetic and healthy, make sure you regularly exercise. Limit your alcohol intake as it negatively affects your sex drive and mood. In men, regular exercise works as a natural Viagra.