Top Tips for New Haulage Drivers 

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Haulage driving can be a great career option if you are someone that enjoys driving, likes to travel, and wants the ability to avoid the typical 9-5. It is easy to see why many people turn to haulage driving as a career, as there are many perks, but it is also a job that has a few unique challenges and difficulties. It can be a bit of a shock to the system at first, so this post will offer a few tips for new haulage drivers that should come in handy and help you to hit the ground running in your new role. 

Use Navigation Tools to Plan Your Route

You must always make sure that you plan the most efficient route possible. This is so that you can maximize the amount of work that you take on, keep your customers happy, and lower your fuel costs. These days, you should use navigation tools that can work out the best route for you and even factor in variables like traffic and road conditions.

Prioritize Communication

As a long-distance driver, you will find that most of the job is solitary and requires little communication. The communication that you do have is key, though, so you need to be friendly yet professional when engaging with dispatchers, customers, and anyone else. You also need to keep stakeholders updated on issues or delays that arise. 

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

Vehicle maintenance is key in this industry as heavy-duty vehicles spending long periods on the road can take their toll. You need to know how to perform basic tasks yourself, such as topping up the tire pressure, checking the oil, and cleaning the exterior. Additionally, you need to have a reliable garage that you can take the vehicle to for servicing to ensure that it is roadworthy and to prolong the life of the vehicle.

Adapt Your Vehicle

Leading on from this, you can also adapt your vehicle for better usage. For example, amber flashing lights are a sensible upgrade that will improve visibility when driving at night. Haulage drivers spend all hours on the roads, so you must be visible to other road users 24/7. Flashing amber lights will boost visibility, increase safety and help you to feel more secure on the road. 

Take Regular Breaks & Look After Yourself

Haulage driving can be physically and mentally demanding, so you must take regular breaks that involve getting out of the vehicle and stretching your legs. You should also make sure that you get enough sleep each night and maintain a healthy diet on the road. It is also important to make the most out of your free time – this should involve exercise, relaxing, hobbies, and spending time with loved ones. 

These tips should be handy for any new haulage driver and help you to hit the ground running. This can be a great career option for many, but it does come with some challenges that you need to be prepared for.