Top Kitchen Trends of 2020

As kitchen designs are being updated every year, traditional kitchen styles are still doing their best to stay in the industry. Contractors are making an effort to make homeowners realize they still have something in their kitchen that needs to be upgraded.

Exploring new things that you can change in your kitchen, there is a new set of upgrades you can choose from, kitchen functionality, tech, and aesthetics.

Here are some of the hottest kitchen trends in 2020, to further help you think.

Flextension layout

The first 2020 kitchen trend doesn’t only focus on the appearance and function of the kitchen but allows you to be more flexible by having more spaces for breakfast bars, cooking workstations, mini dining or living area, and pantry. Your family can simply live in the kitchen with this huge space.

Colorful kitchens

Be adventurous and creative by using a new set of colors in your kitchen.


Besides considering the space and color of your kitchen, you do need to make sure that your kitchen materials are sustainable which can also help conserve energy and reduce waste. In this way, it is beneficial not only to you and your relatives, but to our world too.

Integrated appliances

You may get different integrated appliances to further optimize the space in your kitchen. Such integrated appliances are built-in devices used by family members that can be less exposed, and the homeowner may show certain aspects of the kitchen such as kitchen cabinets, sinks, countertops, and islands.

Smart kitchens

You may upgrade yours to a smart one for the overall package of your upgraded kitchen. Nowadays, modern technology has strongly influenced the kitchen designs. Save your time doing homework by purchasing smart ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators.

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