Top 5 foods to avoid while dieting

Exercise and diet go hand in hand with weight loss. A balanced diet involves the use of those food groups that help to lose weight. Those who want to maintain a slim figure do not need to forget about health.

Many people, in pursuit of beauty, forget about everything and cause great harm to their own body. We Suggest here 5 foods that should be avoided when losing weight in order to achieve a positive effect in an extremely short time.

At the same time, there are several prohibited foods that should be avoided if dieting. These products are:

  1. Fruit juice

You might think that fruit juice is one of the preferred options because it contains tons of minerals and vitamins and is low in sugar. Therefore, many people mistakenly believe that drinking a glass of juice satisfies the body’s need for hydration and nutrients.

However, when dieting, one of the principles of effective weight loss is to reduce your calorie intake.

The average calorie content of most drinks is 50 kcal per 100 g and they do not contain fibre. Thus, fruit juices provide calories that need to be avoided.

  1. Diet sodas

You are wrong if you believe that diet sodas do not contain the same amount of calories as regular soda.

In fact, both drinks have the same amount of sugar, only dietary ones do not contain sugar, but its substitutes. They also stimulate appetite and increase the need for food.

If you have a sweet tooth, try sweet green tea.

  1. Oils from vegetable fats

Oils made from vegetable fats rather than cream do not contribute to weight loss at all.

Foods like margarine contain trans fats that increase your risk of heart disease.

In addition, all margarine products are high in omega-6, which is a type of fatty acid.

  1. Low fat foods

It is a mistake to think that all fat is removed from low-fat foods and are therefore safe to consume during the diet.

However, so that the taste of the product is not affected, a very large amount of sugar is added to it.

Studies have shown that low-carb foods are healthier than low-fat foods. In addition, food intake increases by up to 30% if a person thinks they are eating low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese.

  1. Low Calorie Bars

Cereal bars are also not good for dieting.

About 40% of cereal bars contain sugar, which is made up of glucose or fructose syrup, which again will not work for your weight loss efforts.

These foods are very nutritious and can help the body recover from illness or gruelling workouts in the gym, but they are not very good as a way to reduce body weight. Chasing pleasant body shapes, you should think about health, so it is unreasonable to completely exclude carbohydrates from the diet, since you can change the work of the endocrine system, and this is fraught with big problems.

On the way to an ideal figure, one should not forget about an active lifestyle. To achieve beautiful forms, you need to exercise regularly. Aerobic exercise is best suited: cycling, swimming, running, football, basketball and other outdoor games.

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