As the year’s progress, we see many companies and employees taking the route of remote working. To keep up the game for their companies, many start-ups manage and work with their teams entirely virtual. Everyone contributes through the comforts of their homes, and research has shown that 75 out of 100 are happiest when they work remotely. But how does one stay connected while working in a team?

Here are the top ten ways to do so:

Taking to social media. 

Social media is as social as its term suggests. Social media can market the team’s product and provide a record of the progress they are making. This is why social media marketing has become one of the high-demand jobs for working remotely. 

Communication is the key. 

Since you will not be interacting face to face but virtually, it’s important to get through your colleagues for better teamwork. Working remotely can create a lot of miscommunication and chaos if not conducted properly. It’s better to check and send emails as soon as something should be conveyed to others.

Through various collaboration tools. 

Especially if it’s done through working remotely. Various integrated, standardized platforms like Flowdock and proofHub are integrated platforms with collaboration tools that help teamwork better. They are safe and provide productive results.

Manage and work around similar schedules. 

Just like the point above, this, too, is a tip for more productivity and better connectivity. Having similar schedules – like the time you start working and the breaks you take – helps simulate a real-life workspace and the mindset that you are in an actual office. People with families have it tough, so the schedule can help get the same pace as others.

Group chats and video calls. 

This is a very simple and popular way to stay connected with the team when working remotely. Applications like zoom and WhatsApp Messenger is good for staying connected.

Organize virtual activities and workshops. 

All work and no play can decrease productivity. Moreover, fun activities and workshops like cooking, painting, and sharing dad jokes can give everyone a break and help the team connect better on a more personal level. And who wouldn’t want to work with your bestie?

Host Q&A sessions. 

What’s the best way to know and connect with someone? Ask questions. Whether it’s a newcomer or the boss you’ve been working under for a decade now – ask questions.

Be responsive. 

Again, all work and no talk is awkward. Surely you don’t want to be unapproachable to your virtual colleagues, right? If someone is having difficulty, extend the hand of help. Or respond during group discussions. You can encourage others to participate as well, and that can help connect the team better.

Share informative articles. 

This may sound like a ‘not so good idea, but sharing articles that do not even relate to work can help stay connected in ways that the current project can. Who knows, maybe you’d find a work buddy who shares your interest in the recent chocolate industry development.

Encourage exchanges. 

You don’t always have to connect professionally. You do that already through sites like LinkedIn. Exchanging letters or emails about recipes can help in staying connected as well.

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