Tips for Picking the Right Fitting for Personal Protective Equipment

The one thing that you need to make sure is right for the personal protective equipmentis the fitting and it needs to be right for each person who is wearing them. There is a lot that you need to consider when it comes to how well they are fitting and you should make sure that you have different sizes. Here is everything you need to be aware of so that you can pick the right fitted PPE for all of your employees.

How to Pick the Right Fit

There are plenty of parts that you would need to think about for the boiler suits and they all need to fit properly when they are being worn. If they aren’t fitting properly, then they aren’t going to prevent as much damage as they could otherwise, so here is everything to know:


  • Hard hats – There are so many sizes of hard hats that you might want to have a few of each size available. There is never any guarantee that one size is going to fit everyone and if they aren’t snug and secure, then it is just like they aren’t even wearing one.
  • Gloves – Another piece of personal protective equipment you need to have are gloves. You should make sure that you are thinking about whether or not they are going to be snug on the person or even if they are too big. You should ensure that the employees can use the other tools easily while they are wearing the gloves.
  • Outfit – The main thing to consider when looking at fitting of the boiler suits is the size. There are plenty of sizes and you want to give the employee the space they need to move. Have a few sizes on hand so they can pick and choose the tops and bottoms that gives them the freedom to move and do their work.
  • Harness – If you have a harness, then you need to ensure that it would fit on every person properly. The harness needs to be able to easily slide over the shoulders and then be tightened enough so that the D ring lines up perfectly with the middle of their back. This means that you need to have a few options on hand for the smaller and larger employees so the fit is right.
  • Hearing – Also, the hearing items for the boiler suits need to have different levels based on the noises and the fit. You want some that can be adjusted and others that can easily fit over the heads with ear covers that can be cleaned or removed. The ear plugs are a great way to get around this, so make sure to consider this as an option.


Fit is the most vital part of ensuring that the PPE is going to work for your employees and keep them safe from all major damages and injuries. You need to know what should fit and how it should fit to make the right choice and you should have a few options on hand to make it easier.

For those who are looking at personal protective equipment they know that fitting is extremely important and the experts can help you to find the right ones. You should always have a few sizes on hand since you never know what would fit one individual over another, including gloves, ear covers, harnesses and much more. If you aren’t sure if they would fit, then you should get a few smaller sizes and larger sizes to ensure that you would have everything covered from the top of the body to the feet.