Tips for Choosing Your Garden Containers

Gardening for pleasure or commercial purposes requires a combination of skill, knowledge, and the right equipment. For starters, garden containers or wholesale planters are best for growing plants in a garden. Being able to choose the right garden planter is a skill that you need.

Before you place an order or pay for planters at your local shop, you should consider these:

Consider the Size That You Need

The size of your garden container should fit your design and needs. If you are going to grow large plants, a larger container is required. Measure the garden space and determine the size and number of planters that can fit in. Remember a basic rule in gardening; you should see more of the plant than the planter.

Consider the Needs of the Plants

Plants have different needs, especially for water. Some plants require less water than most, while some require more water than others. If you intend to grow plants that require much water all day long, it is best to use planters that can retain water; thermoform planters are best for this.

Consider the Container Material

Planters are made with different materials; wood, metal, plastic, and their thickness varies. Plastic and Molded pulp wholesale planters are incredible options that can meet your growing needs. Wood planters drain well and retain water less than metal or plastic planters. They may be less durable than metal planters since they absorb water and may rot faster. Metal planters last longer but may get rusty due to prolonged contact with water. Plastic planters neither rust nor absorb water going for thermoform, injection, or co-ex planters will hold your plants well.

Consider the Weather Condition

Weather and atmospheric conditions can have effects on garden planters. Heavy snowfall, storms, and strong sunshine may weaken or break planters that are not sturdy enough. Extreme cold may crack earth and terracotta planters; be prepared to take fancy planters indoors during winter seasons.

Determine the Location of the Planter

If you are going to use the planter indoors, wood might be the best option. If outdoors, then choose a grower that is rugged and fits into the outdoor background. Also, consider the aesthetic values of any wholesale planters that you purchase. Planters should generally complement the colors and design of the indoor and outdoor environments.

If price is an issue for you, you can save cost by purchasing the planters in bulk. Of course, you shouldn’t expect more from them; it is best to procure sturdy planters.