Three things you should never do with your trailer

I really enjoy using a trailer with all the additional space that can be utilized. But I also value safe driving and loading so other road users and myself can get home safe.

Throughout the years on the road, I have seen the good and the worse. And the good folks from have partnered with me to address some of the common dangerous acts with trailers on the road.


I totally understand the want to load as much stuff onto the trailer as much as possible. However, overloading your trailer is a serious threat to other road users and a serious offence as well.

It is crucial that you keep the trailer under the rated ATM of the said trailer. While overloading is not going to break your trailer at once, the weight and force exerted on the vehicle exponentially increases as a rolling load.

If an accident occurred when your trailer is overloaded, your insurance, not matter what you have chosen, is not going to cover any related costs.

It is also an offence to overload your trailer. And the legal consequences will be greater if other driving related laws are broken as well.

If you are unsure of the ATM of the trailer before going on a journey, visit a nearby weight station. Do not try to guess the actual weight.

Stuffing everything close to the front of the trailer

Some perfectionists (like me) love to keep the stuff in the trailer organized. And one of the most common ways are to place the items from the front to back.

While this method helps you to know where everything is and easier to unload, we have seen people placing heavy loads to the front of the trailer.

It might sound reasonable as the heavier weight can be held by both the axle of the trailer and the rear axle of the car.

However, when the car is on the move, heavy load on the front of the trailer can easily unsettle the rear end of the trailer.

Towing the trailer on a smooth road might not lead to an unsettlement. But on rougher surfaces or when external objects hit your trailer, the trailer can easily get out of control.

And, because of the linkage of the trailer and your vehicle, the shake of the trailer will also influence your car and could lead to a fatal crash.

Therefore, even organizing is a good practice, make sure you keep the weight away from the front of the trailer.

Insecure modifications

Trailers are basically an empty box for you to maximize your creativity on how to load stuff.And many of us love to modify our trailers, especially the box trailers, to load all the tools for work.

But we have also seen improper modifications that left items almost flew out of the trailer. The potential consequences of the loose object can be a tragedy of another family.

We must stress the point of securing everything on your trailer. Even if it is a flat object on a box trailer, the aerodynamics in high speed is hugely unpredictable.

Never take heavy objects as granted that it will be fixed in the trailer. Always tie down everything.