Three Characteristics of Water Features

Water features make an amazing addition to any landscape, especially if you are a little creative with design. If you’re considering adding a water feature to your home or business, whether a fishpond or a fountain, there are some specific qualities you can add to bring interest and pizzazz to your water features. 

Form and Flow

The shape of your pond, stream or pool can itself be a source of visual interest. If that shape includes a waterfall or fountain, it can also add auditory interest. The sound of water flowing is always musical and beautiful. The shape of your water feature will be determined by the space you’re working with but also by the functions of that space. Are you looking for a wide, still reflecting pool or something more serpentine? That will probably depend on how much space you have and how you use that space.

Fountains and Features

Perhaps one of the most illustrious man-made water features is the fountain. They have been used throughout history to bring glamour and style to water features all over the world. At their largest, they can be a true spectacle, but even at their smallest, they add the delight of musical water sounds. A lake fountain pump can even serve the practical purpose of aerating your pond’s water. 

Fish and Fowl

Remember that a water feature has a life all its own, sometimes literally. Waterbirds and fish may become part of your water feature, and water plants like lotuses can add beauty and life to your water ecosystem. Consider what kind of life your water feature should have and what kind of life it’s likely to attract. 

When you’re planning to add a water feature to your garden or yard, don’t forget to consider what traits you can add to make it unique. A large portion of Earth is covered with water, why not your landscape too?