The various users of EVA foam


EVA foam and materials made from this foam type are in high market demand due to their exceptional users and qualities. EVA foam is mainly formed by conducting a copolymerization reaction between ethylene and vinyl acetate. This type of foam is extremely versatile. It has become a replacement for the native packaging and building materials like fiberglass, wood composites, PVC foam, to name a few. Having a proper packaging material is crucial for the life of the product and for customer satisfaction. Suppose you use the wrong kind of packaging material. In that case, your product may get damaged or spoiled before it reaches the warehouse or its destination. Therefore, using the correct packaging material is crucial. To know more about packaging options, check out packaging solutions Malaysia.


Advantages of opting for EVA foam

Due to the remarkable properties of PVA foam, they are used for designing various materials and in packaging industries. Some of the benefits of PVA foam are:

  • High levels of sturdiness and durability at extreme temperatures
  • Ability to face severe stress without breaking or developing cracks.  
  • Resistant to the harmful UV rays of the sun
  • Resistant to damage caused by water
  • Highly durable
  • Resilient despite use for the long term duration
  • Able to withstand high levels of compression
  • Has the property of color subsuming.


Some common uses of EVA foam in various industries.


Due to the high sturdiness and durability of EVA foam, it can withstand extreme weather conditions, strong forces and be resistant to harmful agents like chemicals and fuel oils. The molecular makeup of EVA makes its production very easy and similar to thermoplastics. Therefore, EVA foam can be used extensively in a variety of industries like recreation, healthcare products packaging, electronic, footwear, automotive industries, to name a few. Check out EVA foam Malaysia for purchasing EVA foam for your needs and requirements.


Eva foam is a part of the medical industry due to its latex-free properties and resistance to chemical and biocompatibility.

Since EVA foam is lightweight, soft, and comfortable, it is used by manufacturers for building durable and ergonomic seats. Due to these properties, this foam can also be extensively used for manufacturing soles, sandals, and shoes.

Since Eva foam has exceptional UV resistance and flotation properties. Thus, it can be used to make flutter boards, flotation belts, and water toys.

EVA foam has successfully established itself as a versatile packaging option. Along with packaging, Eva foam is also used as a crucial part of various industries like toys, carpets, sports equipment, etcetera. However, when it comes to EVA foam, industries have only scratched the surface yet. A lot more exploration needs to be done to truly understand where all EVA foam can be used. Since EVA foam can be cut and manufactured in various shapes and designs, it can be used in the production of many other items and for packaging much more. Thus, the possibilities seem to be endless when it comes to EVA foam.