The Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Shapewear

Blurred impressions are the name of the game in an area of fashion that’s so concerned with creating clarity of silhouette.

What is shapewear for? Who is it designed for? How best should it be worn? Why should you wear it in the first place? All these questions have resulted in many myths and misconceptions surrounding shapewear. It is now time to clear up a few things. Shapewear is a whole lot more accessible and versatile than you might assume.

Sizing Myths

Effective Shapewear Is a Size Too Small

You must never fall into the trap of aspirational sizing. If you buy shapewear of a given size, you won’t magically transform into that dress size. Keep in mind that shapewear is designed to refine your shape while smoothing your line.

If you wear garments that are too tight it simply creates bumps and lumps that only serve to interrupt your silhouette. Not just that, but you will also be incredibly uncomfortable. Shapewear is all about reinforcing your confidence as opposed to causing you pain.

Comfortable Shapewear Is a Size Too Big

Conversely, it is important not to be timid when it comes to your sizing choice. For shapewear to perform at its optimum it must be an accurate fit. A perfectly fitted bodysuit or well sized control shorts shouldn’t cause you discomfort.

You therefore don’t need to size up. In fact, sizing up will only make your garment roll and shift while you move around. The result of this will be an interruption to your silhouette as well as lumps where there should be none.

Clientele Myths

Shapewear Is Only for Plus Size Women

Many plus size women own shapewear, but so do many women that aren’t plus-size. Shapewear has nothing to do with BMI, but rather has everything to do with a positive body image. It is all about smoothing the lines of your figure to boost your confidence.

However, that’s not all that shapewear is for. It is also about comfort and support. Since our bodies are more supported by our underwear, our daily comfort improves.

Shapewear Should Only Be Worn on Special Occasions

Shapewear is of such a wide variety that it cannot be exclusively worn on special occasions. You might have a control slip that works great under your summer party frock, or invest in special shapewear for brides, but so, too may you swear by you control briefs that keep you confident wearing jeans. Shapewear should ideally provide the versatility needed to support any look that you choose.

Myths of Use

Shapewear Is Uncomfortable and Will Make You Sweat

This comes from the bad old days. Fabric development has moved on in leaps and bounds in recent years. Shapewear garments are now more malleable and breathable. You can now get on high rise control shorts without a shoehorn and your skin will remain healthy underneath.

Today, it isn’t exclusively about the fabric’s technical properties, either. Garment design and panelling make sure that your shapewear only focuses on certain areas, which means that compression doesn’t have to cause discomfort.

Shapewear, at its core, is nothing more or less than an element of your wardrobe. It can give you the smooth and shapely silhouette that will enhance your confidence. However, that’s not a big secret and neither it is something to be scared about. Just size it properly, buy it in various styles, and enjoy!

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