The Many Benefits of Embedding YouTube Videos Within Your Website Content

We already know YouTube is one of the best platforms for sharing videos. You can comment, react, watch videos, etc. If you’re a creator, you can earn money from YouTube by uploading videos. But did you know that you can easily add your videos to your website to boost the ranking of your videos within the YouTube platform?

It’s called embedding your video and it is well-known that adding your videos to your website like this will boost the performance of your videos in the YouTube search algorithm.

A video embed is a snippet of code that you insert into your website to call up the video from a different web server. There are so many benefits of embedding YouTube videos, that you really should give it a try if you care about building up traffic to your brand.

How embedding works is simple. The code displays the video from the source. You don’t need to host the file on your site to show the video, so there’s less strain on your web server. Embedded videos help your website load faster than they would if you self-hosted them.

The prominence of YouTube videos in search results from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and others demonstrates the importance of YouTube in the internet marketing world. In fact, believe it or not YouTube is actually the 2nd largest search engine in the world! When embedded in the correct sites, engaging videos with good meta tags and descriptions are easily found in search engine page results.

Embedding YouTube Videos in Your Website content is a simple task, and it helps you in many ways you might not even be thinking of yet. Let’s discuss some additional benefits of embedding videos.

Embedding YouTube Video can Increase the Amount of Time Spent on Each Page

Video content has become a prominent marketing strategy in recent years, and consumers are watching and engaging with video in more significant numbers than ever before. When you include video content on your website, the amount of time consumers spend interacting with it often increases. That sends a signal to Google that your content is really interesting for your audience, and may help you rank higher!

Video content is a great way to keep visitors on your website longer. The content on the page where the video is presented can be included in a custom page layout so you have a great design and layout to promote your products and services.

Embedding YouTube Videos are Good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Embedding your videos to a website can also help your SEO by allowing your videos to appear in search engine results and receive more views. YouTube is one of the most popular search engines globally, and it’s a great place to promote your content online.

Taking advantage of the ability to host your video content there and then integrate it into your website can be a powerful tool indeed. It can help you boost the number of people who see your content and communicate your information with potential clients quickly and efficiently.

As the number of views on your channel grows, so does your popularity and brand image on YouTube.

Embedded YouTube Videos are Quick and Easy to Use

Visitors will be able to consume content visually if you have videos on your website. Vast pages of text can be summarized into videos, which can help you get your message out quickly and communicate with potential clients who may not have the time to read large quantities of material. Any material that may save customers time and keep them interested will be favorably accepted. Plus, a good portion of your audience are probably visual learners and don’t necessarily enjoy reading long-form written articles.

Embedded Videos Reach the Audience Quickly and Create a Good Impression on the Website Page

Aside from that, embedding your videos allows you to reach out to a broader audience than just your YouTube audience or website visitors. Suppose you embed a video on a popular industry forum or a social networking site. In that case, there’s a good possibility it’ll be shared and viewed by many people, increasing your reach and popularity.

If you can embed your video on a site connected to your niche, you’ll have a better chance at attract new customers.

To Avoid File Size and Storage Limitations, Use Embedded YouTube Videos

Your site’s hosting comes with a storage restriction and likely a costly upsell to the next package. If you’re eating up space on your server with uploaded media, YouTube or Vimeo offer an affordable solution to reduce space. Plus, with self hosting multiple visitors might see your movie simultaneously, and your site’s load times can be significantly increased. Avoid peak traffic issues by letting YouTube host your content instead.

There’s also the issue of file size limitations regarding video uploading. Because the video format and file sizes are likely to be restricted by your site’s hosting platform, you’ll likely need to compress the video, whereas YouTube allows for full high definition uploads. You’ll be able to get around some of these limitations by embedding your videos.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Benefits of Embedding YouTube Videos in your Website

How to get an embedded video link?

To embed a video on a webpage, go to the YouTube video you wish to share and click the share button under the video. A pop-up with a variety of sharing choices will display. Choose the ’embed’ option. This will generate some code to copy and paste into your website’s HTML area where you want the video to appear. YouTube videos should automatically resize and format themselves to fit the page. If they don’t, work with a developer to adjust the container sizes.

What is an embedded video?

Most people don’t know what an embedded video is. For those people here, I will discuss what embedded video is—embedding a video means including it directly on your website rather than redirecting people to another page to watch it.

You’ve created a fantastic piece of video content that you’ve uploaded to YouTube. You don’t want your visitors to leave your website to look at it, only to become lost in a content rabbit hole there and never return.

YouTube Channel Optimization Before Connecting Embedded YouTube Videos to Your Site

If you’re in the business of making videos, you should have a well-optimized YouTube account to ensure that your efforts aren’t in vain. But, exactly, what does an optimized YouTube channel look like, and how do you go about optimizing yours?

Many channels rely on a unique YouTube channel name or a random humorous cat video to attract viewers, but it takes more than that. And the best part is that once you’ve completed all of the preliminary work on your channel, you can relax and watch it develop.

There are many ways to optimize your YouTube channel to grow quickly. Let’s discuss a few best practices below.

Use keywords in the titles and descriptions of your content

For Google searches, video titles are incredibly significant. But search engines aren’t interested in the fantastic, humorous name you came up with for your YouTube video. It’s all about the keywords.

A term that will help you rank on Google should be included in your title. You can make a high-quality video, but it might not get the attention it deserves if you don’t have your keywords in the title.

In the description field, include a transcript

Remember to include the transcript or even some unique content in the description area as well. Transcripts, according to Google, are a straightforward way to create captions. It’s also excellent YouTube SEO fuel if your transcript is naturally keyword-optimized for your topic.

In your video script, say your keyword

The title, description, tags, and transcript should contain your chosen keyword. You can use marketing analytics software like SEMrush or VidIQ to find your term.

Make Eye-Catching Thumbnails

It’s critical to get potential viewers to read your titles and descriptions, but you can help catch their attention by designing compelling thumbnails. Making a custom thumbnail is simple, and you can use any popular graphics design program like Adobe Cloud or Canva.

Include Hashtags and Related Tags

Hashtags are something else you’ll want to add to your descriptions. Although hashtags may not immediately spring to mind when thinking about YouTube videos, they are a critical aspect of increasing traffic on your channel.

Hashtags on YouTube function similarly to those on other social media networks. When you click on a hashtag, you’ll be taken to other postings that use the same hashtag.

Embed Codes and Usage Permissions – Read Before Embedding Lots of YouTube Videos in your Website Posts

According to YouTube’s Terms of Service:

  • You agree not to distribute in any medium any part of the Service or Content without YouTube’s prior written permission unless YouTube makes available the means for such distribution through functionality offered by the Service
  • You agree not to distribute any part of the Service or Content in any medium without YouTube’s prior written permission.

Suppose a video creator disables embed functionality for a video. In that case, that person does not permit public usage of the video. According to YouTube’s Terms of Service, anyone intending to share that video on any medium would require prior written permission from YouTube. So don’t look for ways around this! If there’s no option to embed a particular video, respect the creator’s rights and either look for an alternative or create your own video instead.

Some Final Words on the Benefits of Embedding YouTube Videos

Using YouTube videos to engage more users and make your content more interesting is a terrific approach to digital marketing.

Embedding videos improve the searchability and SEO of your video content. If you haven’t added your video content to your website yet, you’ll be surprised at just how much additional traffic you can get from this tactic. Thanks for reading and be sure to leave us a comment below!

Blake Akers is the SEO lead at Sociallyin. He creates strategies that allow his team to offer guaranteed results for clients interested in boosting revenue through Google, YouTube and other channels.

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