The First Licensed Casino Opened in Kyiv

In mid-May, a Storm International company premium casino opened its doors in the best hotel in Kyiv. Shangri La Casino Kyiv is an exquisite entertainment complex on the Dnieper River banks in the very heart of the Ukrainian capital historical district. The new gambling club offers an amazing range of entertainment and excellent service.


Storm International has been waiting for a long time to enter the Ukrainian market, but this process has been much delayed. The company had to incur monthly organizational expenses while waiting for all kinds of certificates, licenses, permits and changes to the tax code that would allow it to start work.

Storm International is so far the only foreign investor who has decided to start a business in Ukraine. And speaking about why the legalization of gambling in Ukraine has not attracted many foreign investors, the company explains this by excessive taxes. Storm International estimates that 63% – 67% of the casino’s net profits will go to taxes. Moreover, in the near future the parliament will consider a bill on the introduction of an additional tax on gross gaming income (GGR) and a tax on players’ winnings. Considering that the net profit of the casino, like that of any other company, often constitutes a small part of the total income, for the gambling business, paying all taxes may threaten the loss of money, and not their earnings. In addition, before the introduction of the state monitoring system, the Ukrainian authorities were required to pay for gambling licenses in a triple amount. As emphasized in Storm International, Ukraine has many opportunities to develop a business that will bring the country a huge amount of money. And the company does not mind paying taxes, but it makes no sense to work at a loss.

The situation is similar with the gaming equipment certification: in Ukraine, it was decided to issue appropriate certificates, but for a long time they were inaccessible to the gambling business representatives. Despite the fact that the slot machines provided by the Shangri La are used all over the world, have been certified in all countries and they comply with all standards, the company had to spend a lot of time to get them approved in Ukraine.

In addition to the fact that the working conditions for the gambling business have not yet been fully formed, many residents of the country speak out against legalization only because of the negative image of the casino, which has developed thanks to Hollywood films and illegal casinos. The company has repeatedly stressed that illegal gambling is a problem by definition. And that the country’s government did a good job by legalizing gambling, following the example of many other countries. Today, every country in Europe has legal casinos. In the United States, the first casinos in Las Vegas appeared in 1946, and since the late 1970s they have spread throughout the country. Now 40-45 American states have already legalized gambling, so there is a huge growth in this area around the world. And Ukraine is required to slightly improve the legislation in order to be able to receive a decent profit from this industry.

And despite the need to pay millions of dollars for licenses, and the fact that investors still do not know how much money from their earnings they will have to give to the state, and whether they will ever be able to recoup the invested funds, Storm International launched their first casino in Ukraine.

Shangri La Casino Kyiv is a truly unique gambling complex, thanks to the quality of the premises itself, with grand high ceilings and very impressive chandeliers. The club features table games and the most modern slot machines. A new generation of slots from the best manufacturers with a return rate of 94% and higher is available to the Shangri La guests.

Prize draws and jackpots are another nice feature of the new casino. Instant slot jackpots, which can be won almost every day, as well as Mystery jackpots and Time jackpots, and the most coveted Super Jackpots are raffled out on an ongoing basis in the casino. Several times a season, large draws will be held, which will allow guests to become owners of exclusive prizes.

Luxurious rest on the Dnieper slopes

The luxury Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv is located on the Dnipro embankment in the Kyiv historic district – on Podil. It is located next to the Postal Square, one of the oldest squares in the city. There is a funicular across the street from the square, which connects Podil with the upper city. And on the square there is a Poshtova Ploshcha metro station. The Kyiv river port is located across the street from the hotel. It was built in 1897 and renovated in 1953-1961.

The hotel has 258 spacious rooms ranging from 40 m2. It offers gourmet cuisine and amazing cocktails in restaurants and bars, signature desserts in a cozy pastry shop, revitalizing spa treatments, a fitness center with professional equipment, 12 conference rooms ranging from 20 to 460 m², including the luxurious Atrium hall and the largest banquet hall in the city. The Fairmont Grand Hotel is the perfect place to unwind after a good casino game!

About brand

The new casino belongs to the Shangri La brand, which has been widely known in Eastern Europe for over 30 years. The gambling complexes are operated by Storm International, which strictly follows the industry rules adopted in the most popular and respected casinos in the world. 

All chain units that adorn the capitals of Belarus, Armenia and Georgia guarantee fair play, instantly pay out winnings, offer extended service and support the Responsible Gambling program. Such principles are also observed on the Shangri La virtual platforms. The sites were launched in 2016 and quickly gained popularity. They feature 2 000+ games, including online slots, scratchcards and live online casino games. There is also a large bookmaker section.

As you can see, the brand is actively developing, and the new complex Shangri La Casino Kyiv will undoubtedly be able to offer its guests the best entertainment and a high level of service.