The Best Sleep Positions for Your Health

Are you someone who loves sleeping on your back, belly, or side? All of us have a favorite sleeping position. If you could record it on camera, you would discover that one tends to change it up and adopt a different sleep position. What if you fall pregnant or develop some type of health problem? You can be sure that the way you sleep will change. In cases like these, you need to get your sleeping posture right. Doing so will make a huge difference in how you feel when you wake up.

What are some of the Health Problems We May Develop When Sleeping the Wrong Way?

When you sleep in the wrong position, it will most likely aggravate back or neck pain. In turn, it tends to obstruct one’s airways to the lungs, which may lead to obstructive sleep apnea. Some studies suggest the wrong sleeping position may cause harmful toxins to slowly filter out of the brain.

How to Make the Side Sleeping Position Work for You

Many of us favor sleeping on our side. Scientists refer to it as the lateral sleeping position. It is the kind of position that is excellent for those who snore or have some form of arthritis. However, when you curl up while sleeping this way, it may prevent one from breathing deeply as it restricts the diaphragm.

The good and the bad of side sleeping

One piece of good news is that scientists discovered that our brains get rid of waste a lot quicker when we’re sleeping on our side. They performed some tests on rats that suggest side-sleeping clears out waste effectively.

The only problem with sleeping on your side is that your face is in a lateral position, which may cause wrinkles or lead to your face expanding over time.

Another concern with side sleeping is that women will find their breast ligament stretches over time and cause their breasts to sag. Even though it’s not been proven, it remains a concern for many. A suggestion is to support your breasts using the best pillow for side sleepers.

Women are twice as likely to sleep on their sides, all curled up. Generally, it is considered a healthy way to sleep, as it aligns your spine naturally. Also, it’s said to ward off Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, according to recent research on animals. Then again, side sleeping is a great choice for pregnant moms, as it improves blood flow for the mom and their baby.

People who have trouble with their hearts should avoid sleeping on their back or left sides. The reason for this is that their sleeping posture will disrupt their heartbeats. They should rather sleep on their right side to avoid damaging their health.

Free-fall Sleeping Position

Those of you who favor sleeping on your tummy will feel like you are sinking into clouds. It may sound very cozy to snuggle into bed this way, but to sleep on your tummy will inevitably lead to neck and low back pain.

How can you improve your sleeping experience when lying on your stomach?

The way to make it better is to refrain from using a stiff pillow as your neck will be in an uncomfortable angle, which will result in a lot of pain. Your best bet is to prop a softer pillow under your forehead and face the mattress when you’re sleeping. Your airways will remain open this way.

Is the Spooning Sleeping Position Beneficial to Your Health?

This particular side sleeping position is suited for couples. It involves cuddling up close to your partner with their back facing you. As with any other posture, this too has its benefits and drawbacks. The only disadvantage is that couples tend to wake up frequently when they sleep in this position.

But, the spooning sleep position presents numerous advantages in that is stimulates the release of oxytocin, which is a stress-releasing hormone. All you really need is 10 minutes of cuddling to release the hormone.

Best Sleeping Position to Avoid Neck, Shoulder or Back Pain

One would worsen your back pain when sleeping on your tummy or back. To minimize the risk of back pain, its best to switch to side sleeping.

To experience relief, one should place a pillow in between your knees to align your hips. If you cannot help but sleep on your back. then be sure to position a pillow under the fold of your knees to alleviate the strain it puts on your back.

How do you cope with upper back pain or shoulder pain?

Arthritis along your upper spine region can get worse while you’re sleeping. It would depend on your sleeping position whether or not the condition will improve or not. Apparently, the starfish position is recommended for individuals who experience shoulder pain. Another sleep position that is just as effective is the soldier position where you would lie on your back with your arms to the sides.

Improve Your Sleeping Position by Making the Necessary Changes

If you sleep in a specific sleeping position and find you’re not resting well, then maybe it’s time to change and adopt a different position. But, you need to be patient as it takes time to develop a new habit.

Another aspect that often requires your attention is to take a look at the condition of your existing mattress. Especially, if you are keen to change your sleeping position for which you’ll need a supportive mattress.

Mattresses consist of different kinds of materials. Some are firmer and others are softer. Also, the type of material used to make the mattress will play a role in how your body responds to the temperature variations that accompany many of these mattresses.

Regarding the firmness of a mattress, you need to settle for one that offers firm support to help support your spine. However, it needs to be soft enough to take on the shape of your body. People suffering from back pain will be quite comfortable for individuals who struggle with back pain.

It is suggested that you visit your closest store to test for yourself and see whether the mattress you intend buying is suited or not to accommodate your preferred sleeping position.

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