The Benefits of Choosing a Rhino Hobby Filter

Rhino Hobby Filters are well-known as the most sought-after filters in the market for novice growers. The highly efficient and technologically superior system provides flexibility and lasts a long time.  The overall design and material make these filters the best in the market. They are filled with best quality carbon and come with a fully reversible neck. In terms of sizing, they are also availed in a variety of sizes so as to meet varying needs. Its best suited for hobby growers. The fact that Rhino Hobby is a reputed manufacturer also means what you get is top notch.

Benefits of Rhino Hobby Filter

The Rhino hobby filter with its characteristic aluminum cylinder with the fine carbon in granular form has been subjected to special manufacturing process. Each of the carbon grains comes with a highly porous surface thus gives a huge surface area over its size. Some of its benefits include the following;

  • Since it has activated carbon with a huge surface area relative to size, these filters are highly effective when it comes to de-odorizing and cleaning air. It easily absorbs impurities and aromatic substances. It works for both gas and liquids. They are specifically made for de-odorizing hydroponics smell.
  • It is a low budget range of filters from a top manufacturer. Has features of the pro-version filter and is 40 to 50 percent cheaper and effective. It however lasts a shorter time when compared to the pro version.
  • It features reversible duct coupling end. This is usually swapped after every 8 to 12 works hence giving it a longer service life. On average it will last for 9 to 12 months when the right process is followed.
  • It is made of the best virgin activated carbon in existence globally.
  • It has aluminum housing that is light weight yet robust enough to withstand pressure.
  • It is availed in various sizes so as to fit all extraction fans. You should however ensure they are compatible with the fans.
  • It is best suited for the hobbyist hydroponic growers given its design and pricing.

A Final Word

You should not settle for nothing short of best quality filters when it comes to your hydroponic air filter. The Rhino Hobby filter ranks higher than the competition when it comes to their carbon filters. The filters last longer, come in various sizes, are made of best quality carbon, and boast the latest technology.