Bookmakers are trying to hide the mathematics of 먹튀 site bets a little deeper. Instead, they put pressure on emotions: they shoot ads where the characters constantly win, promise bonuses, and hold promotions. They even write about strategies that supposedly help even a novice guaranteed to make money on bets. To understand why players still remain in the red, have just a little count. You can have a proper idea as you will read on here. The right sports bet options are there for you now in the best ways.

And also: mathematicians

There are no mathematical subtleties in this article, only the most crude calculations. We understand that when calculating you need to take into account all the reservations, this is insanely interesting activity. But it’s more important for a beginner to figure out where the numbers come from, what they mean and how bookmakers use them against players. The mathematical throne, heated by the heat of your bodies, remains unapproachable.

What are the bookies, bro?

Bro, it’s very simple. Somewhere in the world, someone is constantly playing something: for example, two teams in football. Or two teenagers go to the rap battle. It is not clear in advance which of them will win, and some people are interested in arguing about this.

There are organizations that are ready to help them in this dispute – these are bookmakers. One man says: “Real Madrid will win,” the second says: “No, Barcelona will win.” Both give the bookmaker money. The bookmaker remembers who bet what, and waits for Real to play with Barcelona.

Let’s say Real Madrid won. The first man won, the second lost. The first gets back his bet and some other money from above – this is his win. The second is losing his bet.

  • The bookmaker (BC) sets the rules of the game, receives and gives out money, monitors the outcome of matches, informs the players about everything that happens. The work of the BC is regulated by 244-FZ, the new edition comes into force on May 28, 2018. Bookmakers can open offices outside the official gambling zones, they are obliged to join self-regulatory organizations, and the activities of bookmakers are licensed. According to this country laws, the equipment of bookmakers should be located in this country.
  • Bookmakers and players use specific terms in their work: bet, event, outcome, line and others. I’ll tell you what they mean.

A bet is your forecast, backed by money. In our example, the first player assumes that he will win “Real”, and puts 100 P on it – this is his bet. The law also uses the concept of “interactive rate” for playing through the Internet and calculating tax on winnings.