Social Media Tools NetBase Recommends for Marketing

Driving traffic to your business is a combination of the product you offer, marketing, and the social media tools you are using. When it comes to using social media tools, there are some that Netbase recommends above others because of the information they provide and ease of use. The social media tools that you use can change the way you market a product, and identify previously unrecognized markets for you.

These are some of the best social media tools available to marketers that every brand should be using consistently.

Automated Scheduling

Automating social media content maximizes your time and helps keep a marketing plan on track. It is easy for marketing to get lost across different platforms, so when you have the ability to access all your brands social media platforms in one place so that you can customize a single message at once, it makes that marketing more effective. Buffer and Hootsuite are among the favorite automated social media scheduling platforms, both offering browser and mobile customization and ease of use. Be sure to conduct social media audits at some point for further insights and important social media protocols.

Engagement Metrics

Being able to understand and analyze social media engagement metrics so that you can create marketing plans according to what performs the best is incredibly important to a brand. There are social media available to marketers that can really dig into the types of interaction content has across all types of demographics and users on a single platform. This type of tool will change the way your brand creates and releases content.

Content Tracking and Aggregation

Content aggregation is an under the radar tool in marketing, but it is important to add one to your bag of social media tools to make your job easier and stay on top of what is relevant in your industry. They work by gathering what everyone else is talking about in the industry, collecting and sharing the content, and giving marketers the opportunity to jump into the fray. A side benefit of the tool is the ability to generate content ideas and social media campaigns around what is trending.

Graphic Design Tools

Having a cohesive look is an important aspect of branding because when done right the graphics that you use across social media should always be recognizable to users. A good, option rich graphic design tool is essential and relies a lot on personal preference and pay point. Some of the favorites among marketers include Adobe and Canva because of their ease of use between mobile and desktop, and the many options for branding that are open to brands.

Lead Generation Trackers

One of the most important aspects of marketing is to create leads and to followup on them, but it is also incredibly hard to do this while doing everything else. To make this job easier, add a tool that will track and organize leads for you, some even contact those leads with resources you have already created ahead of time so that you don’t have to do any more work. By generating this task you are ensured that no lead gets overlooked and you can work even while sleeping.