Security Guard Courses

Security guard training is the ideal way for a job in security to be obtained. Security guards are professionally trained individuals who are committed to ensuring the safety of those who work for them and the security of those around them. These individuals are committed to making sure that the premises they are working on is free from any forms of threat or harm, while they are performing their daily duties. It is through security guard training that security guards are taught the basic protocols of law enforcement and emergency services along with emergency evacuation procedures. The course will also include procedures on how to use force against a dangerous individual.

Most states require security guards to hold a state security guard license in order to legally serve in this position. Security guard training courses can be found online or offline. There are several training schools that offer courses on security guard training. Security guard courses can be obtained online in a classroom setting or by attending a distance education program through the Internet.

Security guard courses will usually cover the same information that one would find in a classroom course. Courses may also vary on their length. Most courses will last between two and five weeks, though some courses may be shorter or longer depending on the subject matter.

Security training classes are typically held at night and on weeknights. The majority of security guard courses take place at the local sheriff’s department or local police station. Private companies may also conduct training sessions for their employees. Security guards will normally have to successfully complete a criminal justice course before beginning security guard training. Other courses offered through schools or private security agencies are focused on specific security related topics such as computer crime.

Private security agencies often offer their employees additional security guard courses to meet their needs. For instance, some schools may conduct courses in crime scene investigation, human resource management, and first aid. Courses in these courses are often focused on specific security related topics such as investigating crimes at a residential or business location, or an emergency rescue situation.

Security guard courses can be taken online or by attending an on-site school. Online security guard courses are offered by numerous security training agencies and by online universities. Security training academies and community colleges may also offer training programs in security guard courses. Some courses are offered by companies that offer online education and certification programs. Security training academies and community colleges will usually require that a security guard pass an exam before they will grant a certificate.

Many states require their security officers to undergo at least one year of security guard training and on-the-job experience. This is the minimum amount of training required in order to work as a security guard in any state. Some states may require security officer certification in addition to the security guard courses. Security guard certification is not always required by most states, but many companies prefer to hire guards with at least some level of security guard certification.

Security guard certificates are available from most local security schools and by online institutions as well. Security guard certificates will usually be issued by the county sheriff’s department. Security guard certificates will usually cover all of the basic requirements necessary to work as a security guard, including classroom instruction and on-the-job training. Security guard certificates will normally be good for two years after they have been awarded.

Training for security guards can also be found through online institutions. Security guard training online is similar to training that is done in a classroom. Students will receive training on how to protect a building or property from criminals and will usually learn how to use a computer-aided training (CAT) program. Online security guard training can be more affordable than classroom training.

On-the-job training is another requirement for security guards. Security guards are required to pass a comprehensive exam in order to become a full-fledged security guard. The Security Guard Testing and Standards Board (STSB) publish the exams that security guards must take in order to become full-fledged security guards. Security guards are required to attend a minimum of eight hours of training each year. A security guard’s job requires him or her to be able to work quickly and with a large amount of precision.

In order to ensure that security guard training is effective, many communities require security guard applicants to undergo the Security Guard Continuing Education (SCE) Program. This program is designed to allow security guards to keep themselves up to date on the latest security-related technologies. This program is available at a variety of community colleges, but can also be found online. Community colleges that offer SCE as a part of their security guard training courses often have more advanced technology that can only be provided by a college.