Reasons Buying A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Is A Wise Investment


Have you always dreamed of owning a fireplace but never had a home with one in it? Luckily, you can get one installed easily and affordably. All you need to do is get a wall mounted electric fire. If you are not convinced yet, here are some great reasons why you should get an electric fireplace.

1. No More Smoke

The problem with traditional fireplaces is that they create real smoke because they burn wood. The smoke contains things like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, posing a danger to everyone in your house.

If you go for Wall mounted electric fires, you do not have to worry about any of these dangerous fumes. You still get the same heat without all the danger. For instance, some of these fireplaces keep humidity while adding warmth to a home because they use infrared heat.

2. Save Money on Bills

Did you know that you can save money with an electric fireplace? These electric fireplaces heat rooms faster and more efficiently than a wood-burning one would. This is because most of the heat from a traditional fireplace leaves through the chimney, whereas a wall mounted electric fire keeps it in your home.

3. Cheaper Than Traditional Fireplaces

Other than saving you cash on your bills, electric fireplaces are much cheaper than a traditional fireplace. Traditional fireplaces have to be built, which will cost you cash. You will have to pay for a partial home renovation for the chimney, the actual fireplace, etc.

Moreover, traditional fireplaces require a lot of maintenance that can cost you a lot of money. There is chimney cleaning, installation fees, service checks, and more. However, all you need to do is pay to get an electric fireplace then you are good to go.

4. Easier to Maintain

The idea of having a traditional fireplace with a chimney can be nice, until you have to clean up. As mentioned earlier, chimney cleaning should be done regularly because soot, ash, and such can get stuck in your home. You could always clean it yourself instead of hiring someone, but it can be dangerous and take you days to finish the job.

Moreover, ash and smoke will constantly be in and around your house from a traditional fireplace. This means more vacuuming, sweeping, etc. Luckily, you will not have that issue when you use an electric fireplace.

5. They Last Longer

When it comes to lifespan, an electric fireplace wins the battle. Electric fireplaces aren’t combustible energy resources. That means they are less prone to corrosion and rust. Your electric fireplace will look brand new even after years of use.

6. It Is Easy to Install

A traditional fireplace can take a lot of effort because of the installation process. However, an electric fireplace just needs to be placed wherever it is then plugged in. This is the most convenient way to heat up your home without effort.

If you want a fireplace, you don’t have to get a traditional one. There are many amazing electric fireplaces available on the market that you can look at today.

Wall mounted electric fires don’t just look great, but they’re also more efficient. If you’re looking for a wall mounted electric fire, visit Wallmounted Electric Firestore today.