Questions to ask a web design agency

Finding the right website agency is crucial. If you hire the wrong agency, redesigning the website can become an extremely challenging. Proposals are important, but asking the right questions can provide you with an important insight to help you make the best decision. Check out web design Malaysia for all your website redesigning needs. Here are some questions you must ask your web design agency before you finalize the agreement with them.

Do you have any experience with a similar website?

This question tends to get overlooked. If your firm works in a complex or unique industry, understanding the industry’s intricacies is important for the process. Hiring personnel who has worked in the same industry can prove beneficial. Similarly, hiring an agency that has worked on designing websites for similar industries can be very handy since they will be aware of the user management and interaction process.

What parts will be done in-house, and which parts will be outsourced?

Just because the website has designated itself as an expert in web designing, it does not necessarily indicate that they are completely staffed with affluent people in all designing aspects. Therefore, you must ask if all the sections of the website redesigning will be performed in-house or if some parts will be outsourced.

What is your web designing process?

The process generally varies from one agency to the other. Every agency has its guides and internal processes. Understanding the specific process that they use, its implementation, and its impact on your website will help you understand how the project is likely to proceed. Contact Web Design Kuala Lumpur for your designing needs.

Will the website have a customized or a completely custom theme?

Many websites that you see on the internet masquerade as custom websites. However, these are themes that have been built before and customized for the client. If you have a limited budget, you can opt for search themes. However, if you want a custom website, you must ask this question. A custom website would contain every layout and design to be hand-coded by the developer.

Will the design be responsive?

If the website design is not responsive, not only will the user-friendliness drop, but the website’s search rankings will also drop. Therefore, inquire with the agency if the theme they will install on your website be user-friendly and responsive.

Can you show a demonstration of the content management system to be reduced?

Almost all website development companies have their specific CMS (content management systems) and personal preferences. However, you must understand which CMS platform the agency is recommending and the advantages and disadvantages. Ensure that the strength of the CMS platform aligns with the functionality and requirements of your website.

How long will the duration of the project be?

The duration would depend on the complexity, schedule, scope, and ability of the agency to hit the deadline. Your web design agency would give you an estimate of how long the project would typically take and what factors may affect the duration.