Pros and cons of CMS MODX


MODX is a framework and CMS distributed free of charge (open source). It was first introduced in 2004. Today, two CMS options are available to users: Modx Evolution and Modx Revolution. The first version is no longer supported by developers, but is still popular with users (especially with old-fashioned sites for which individual solutions have been developed). The second version is relevant and currently receives support from MODX LLC.

The MODX website management system is a powerful tool that is designed to work with both simple (company websites) and complex projects (portals, catalog sites, online stores).

The main advantage of MODX

It is included in the top 5 CMS of the Runet. This rating unites all content management systems: Open Source and commercial. Thanks to the open source code, MODX can be used to create unique applications and websites. It is possible to implement any individual solutions, unique design of templates, and non-standard plugins.

Pros of CMS MODX

+ Any design options are available for “pulling” on the system. If necessary, you can create new templates and apply them depending on the type of content being added.

+ The function of simultaneous work on two sites. This is especially convenient when there is a resource grid.

+ Development of websites of any complexity: from a business card to an online store.

+ Convenient custom tag syntax. This is one of the main differences between this tool and other open source CMS.

+ Versatility. You can set the CNC-page addresses, all the necessary titles, and descriptions.

+ Convenient use on hosting. Transferring to a remote server is simplified as much as possible. It is enough to act in accordance with the instructions.

+ Cross-browser and cross-platform. All major browsers are supported, including mobile ones.

+ Intuitive administration panel, it is easy enough for a beginner to understand.

And this is not all the positive features of the platform.

It is also worth saying a few words about the qualitative optimization of the administrative panel. At first glance, there are not so many settings. But only beginners can think that way. Experienced webmasters get a huge set of options to perform a variety of tasks.

Cons of MODX

We should immediately note that this CMS has incomparably more advantages than disadvantages. But for a fair assessment, it is impossible to ignore the latter.

The following disadvantages can be identified:

— Limited number of built-in templates. The number of free templates for Joomla and WordPress reaches two hundred. MODX boasts several dozen. But there is a fairly simple solution to the problem. Any design layout can be modified and adapted using MODX tags, and then used on the engine.

— A limited number of useful materials. Although there is a Russian-speaking community and documentation translated into Russian. But there may be difficulties with the answers to some questions.

— Original terminology. It differs significantly from the one used in other CMS. Although this is hardly a serious drawback. It’s just that for a person who is used to other content management systems, this can create some discomfort. A bit of practice — and all the terminology will become clear.

— Like any free and open source system, there are vulnerability issues. CMS is often hacked, but, for an experienced programmer, there are no difficulties to put, for example, double authorization and configure the platform so that it is safe to use it.

The main drawback in our opinion is that there are not many ready—made modules, solutions for creating a multifunctional online store on this platform. The work in the admin panel is completely unprepared for the full-fledged work of an online store manager. A lot of things have to be added with “pens”. We do not recommend creating online stores on MODX. It is better to use more suitable solutions for these purposes (1C-Bitrix, Shop Script or free platforms Opencart, Prestashop).

Let’s summarize

What is MODX? This is a multifunctional system that boasts ease of operation and cross-browser compatibility. There are two versions to choose from: Evolution for novice webmasters and Revolution for experienced professionals. And although Evolution is no longer supported by developers, useful tips and technical assistance can always be found online. There are enough knowledgeable people so far.

On the platform, you can create both complex online stores and simple one-page websites. It is enough just to hire an experienced layout designer / programmer. But, we advise you to consider other platforms for online stores, and create corporate websites, catalog sites at most on this one.

It will be difficult for beginners to understand the MODX, but if you learn a little, the tool will be clear and very useful.