Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is designed to avoid surgeries. It enhances the appearance of the vagina and resolves vaginal issues. Many women go through aging and maternity, resulting in vaginal laxity, reduced lubrication, urinary incontinence, and diminished sexual satisfaction. Radiofrequency (RF) energy can tighten loose vaginal tissue and promote the development of subsurface collagen fibers, enhancing skin structure, without the use of surgical vaginal rejuvenation. Non-invasive and Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation can also enhance dryness in the vagina, minimize urinary incontinence and enhance satisfaction during sex.

What can non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation do for me?

  • Tighten the vaginal canal and vaginal tissues externally
  • Promote new collagen and elastin fibers production
  • Improve dryness in vaginal
  • Diminish urinary stress incontinence (loss of urine)
  • Enhance vaginal appearance

How does vaginal rejuvenation work without surgery?

The radiofrequency energy is used in non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation to firm the tissue, mucosa, and skin and enhance elasticity. A specialized radiofrequency device is inserted into the vaginal canal. This system transmits RF energy to layers underneath it causes contraction and stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fibers. During the non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation process, the device is gently rotated to allow an even treatment of the vaginal canal. The radiofrequency unit is then applied outside the labia and the outer skin to improve the surface of the skin.

What issues can be treated with laser vaginal rejuvenation?

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation can be used for treating vaginal canal, labia, and vulva.

Who is a good vaginal rejuvenation candidate?

If you have an issue like regular urinary loss or vaginal dryness, vaginal rejuvenation will be appropriate. Women with vaginal laxity may even be applicants for vaginal non-invasive rejuvenation. 

How many therapies do I require for non-operative vaginal rejuvenation?

The sessions of the treatment depend upon the issue, length of the specific procedure, and desired outcomes. 

What do I expect in the non-invasive vaginal treatment?

The therapy can be done in the plastic surgeon’s offices as an outpatient procedure. During your vaginal tightening procedure, the doctor measures the vaginal canal to provide optimum care. To minimize sensitivity and pain, a numbing cream is used on the vaginal region and the ultrasound gel on the radio frequency unit. The radiofrequency wand is inserted into the vaginal canal to ensure uniform delivery of RF energy in the lower layers. The wand is then positioned outside around the labia and vulva to stimulate collagen production.