It is Better to Work with the NJDEP Than Against It

Real estate owners must ensure that their properties and projects conform to federal and state environmental laws. In the US, New Jersey is among the most regulated states when it comes to environmental protection. These rules and regulations are promulgated by the New Jersey Department of Environment Protection or NJDEP.

The NJDEP oversees the safety, cleanliness, enjoyability, and maintenance of the Garden State’s environment for the generations to come. They are dedicated to building a nationally recognized organization that encourages committed and well-trained experts to fulfill their environmental stewardship and compliance responsibilities.

In addition, the NJDEP also inaugurated a stewardship program that makes Environmental Management a part of its regulatory compliance efforts. This program relays information and resources to the regulated community’s members. It also encourages them to make their environmental performance exceed the existing minimum requirements.

To ensure that their properties and projects adhere to the NJDEP’s standards, regulated companies must hire a reputable NJDEP permit consultant. Several engineering firms offer property inspection services, evaluation of essential records from the location, yearly regulatory compliance audits, preparation of relevant documents concerning NJDEP regulations, and many more.

When choosing the right engineer for the job, property owners must hire the one with extensive knowledge and experience on NJDEP permit compliance. They must also be well-acquainted with air and pollution control systems and Spill Prevention and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC) for oil projects.

Moreover, a reliable NJDEP air permit consultant must also provide alternatives or make recommendations while the project is still in its developmental stage. This way, property owners can still align their operations better with the NJDEP’s standards.

Working with the NJDEP brings numerous advantages for businesses, enabling them to become more environmentally sustainable in the coming years and improving their profit generation capacity. For more information on the relevance of complying with NJDEP laws and regulations, here is an infographic from Lockatong Engineering.


It is Better to Work with the NJDEP Than Against It

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