Is An Expert Required For Radon Mitigation?

If you’ve tested your Noblesville home for radon and discovered high amounts of gas, you’re curious. The city natures the best flour mills and has an average radon gas level. 

Is radon a health hazard? What is radon mitigation Noblesville IN, and how do they work? What is the cost of installation?

This article will aim to answer some of the questions that come to your mind about radon mitigation.

What is a radon mitigation system?

A radon mitigation system is any method or set of measures designed to lower radon levels in a building’s indoor air.

Suppose your radon test result is 4 pCi/L or more excellent, then the EPA recommends that you take steps to minimize your home’s indoor radon levels. Noblesville, IN, is a designated Zone 1 for radon gas, so that you will require a mitigation system from the best service providers. 

What are the advantages of radon abatement?

The main advantage is that it lowers the risk of lung cancer. Standard radon reduction devices usually work within 24 hours in Noblesville, IN. They keep radon levels low as long as the fan is running.

Another advantage of these systems is that they limit the entry of damp soil air with radon. This potentially lowers the humidity level in the basement of your house located in the heart of Noblesville, IN. Before making final preparations to sell a property, homeowners should consider addressing a radon problem. 

This gives you more time to deal with the issue and discover the best cost-effective solution. Furthermore, the buyer’s tenants and all present occupants will benefit from the lower risk.

What does it cost to lower radon levels in Noblesville?

The cost of radon mitigation repairs is determined by the size and architecture of your property, as well as other considerations. Most Noblesville homes may be fixed for less than the expense of other popular home repairs. These are certainly cheaper than painting or installing a new water heater. 

The average cost of hiring a Noblesville radon contractor to reduce radon levels in a home is around $1,200. However, on the outskirts of Hamilton County, it can range from $800 to $2,000. The cost of radon mitigation will vary based on the size and style of your property, as well as the treatments used

Who should I hire if I have a radon issue?

Technical expertise and unique abilities are required to reduce excessive radon levels. You should use a Noblesville radon contractor trained to deal with radon issues.

On October 1, 1998, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shut down the National Radon Proficiency Program (RPP). This program was created to test radon contractors and offer quality assurance. Today, most Noblesville radon specialists are certified by two major organizations.

  • National Radon Proficiency Program
  • National Radon Safety Board

Indiana requires radon contractors to be certified or licensed. Contact your state’s radon office for information on qualified service providers in your state.

Will additional testing be required following the installation of a radon mitigation system?

Most Noblesville radon reduction systems come with a monitor that will notify you if the device needs to be serviced. Regardless of who resolves the issue, you should test your house to decrease radon levels. 

This test should be performed no sooner than 24 hours and no later than 30 days after the mitigation system has been completed and activated. Using an independent tester can help you avoid a potential conflict of interest.

It’s also a good idea to retest your house in the future to ensure that radon levels stay low.

Wrapping Up

Radon mitigation Noblesville IN necessitates the use of a specialist. Do-it-yourself procedures will not dramatically reduce radon levels in your house. 

Shoddy or inexpensive work may fail to lower radon levels. This is why it’s critical to work with certified and insured specialists. They will have the skills needed to complete the job promptly and to the highest standards.