Invest In Our Planet, Save Our Home: How To Perform Proper E Waste Disposal?

The Earth is one of a kind planet in the solar system that the human race can live in for good. For millennia, everyone has been spending their time learning more about the Earth and inventing new things to provide convenience in daily lives. Back then, no one ever thought electrical waste disposal would matter in Singapore or anywhere else.

As time passes, humanity becomes greedier by nature. Little did everyone know that every innovation comes with consequences. One good example would be plastic. In the 1800s, plastic made a revolutionary impact in everyone’s lives, especially when plastic mass production started after the second world war (WWII).

The usage of plastic became even more prevalent in the 1960s when consumers yearned for plastic to substitute traditional materials since they are relatively more affordable, versatile, and easy to make anything. Like a coin, the usage of plastic has another side that humanity has yet to discover at that time. And only a decade later (in the early 1970s) is when scientists have found the negative effect of plastic on the environment.

However, that is not the only discovery made in the 1970s. The practice of electrical waste disposal has also been founded and began in the same era. In 1976, the United States of America passed an act that made the dumping of e waste illegal in the country.

Even if all of that happened decades ago, the e waste pollution continues. According to research found by the United Nations, 53.6 million metric tonnes of e waste disposal have been made in 2019 alone. If you were to consider the following year up until the next five years, expect the e waste disposal rate to reach 21% more.

Every country should work hard in their e waste management, not only in Singapore but the rest of the world, so the prediction made by the United Nations will not happen.

Keep reading to learn your part and how e waste disposal can save the planet Earth.

What Is E-Waste?

The term “e-waste” is a portmanteau word, meaning a combination of words: electronic and waste, which translates to recycling of used electronics to get the most out of their materials.

An example of e-waste is used smartphones or laptops that you no longer use for months to years since you already bought a new one. Instead of keeping them in your storage, you can get rid of them with proper e waste disposal.

Part I: Important of E Waste Disposal

With more electronic devices released every year, disposing of old and used electronics is not only one of the consumers’ priorities. They only take notice of such matters when they no longer have enough space for storage.

Proper e waste disposal in Singapore and the rest of the world has numerous advantages and is an excellent solution for saving Earth. Here are the four reasons why you should do so.

1. Prevent Toxic Hazards

Even though electronic devices such as smartphones do not seem to contain hazardous materials (lead, mercury or cadmium), they have them in their components. Carelessly throwing them away can contaminate the environment, both air and aquatic life.

It is not surprising that this will happen since most human waste is in landfills, which leach the soil and waterways. Since they are toxic hazards, expect the communities nearby to get poisoned due to improper e waste disposal.

2. Old Electronics Have Lots Of Precious Materials

Electronic devices also contain valuable materials such as silver, platinum, gold, aluminium, tin, nickel, glass, etc. Even though these have been used, that does not mean you can no longer use them.

With proper e waste disposal in Singapore and the recycling process, all used precious materials can be reclaimed and become something new.

3. Recycling Can Save Money

Since electronic devices have precious materials that can be reclaimed, many manufacturers are willing to pay for the used ones you can offer to them.

In some cases, companies offer discounts or gift cards if you were to provide them with old models they used to sell. Make sure to read the mechanics of their programme before letting them have your old electronic devices.

4. Promote Less Production Waste

With proper e waste management in Singapore and the rest of the world, humanity can eliminate the need for fresh materials. That means manufacturers no longer need to mine materials to create electronic devices. They can use the old ones by recycling them and making something new.

Part II: How Do You Get Rid Of Old Electronics?

Saving the planet is never easy, but it can happen if everyone works together. Here are your options when it comes to recycling old electronics.



1. Donate It To An E Waste Management Company

Even though e waste management companies are popping out in Singapore, guarantee to check where your donation will end up. Doing so will give you more peace of mind.

2. Let The Tech Companies Recycle It

As mentioned above, some electronic companies have e waste management programme that recycles old electronics to create newer offers and provide them to the public.

Here are the things you need to do before donating your electronics for recycling or e waste disposal management.

  • Backup and Delete Your Data
  • Remove Any Attached Storage
  • Keep All Electronics Clean

Invest In Our Planet, Save Our Home!


Now you know the things you need to do to perform proper e waste disposal, consider sharing what you have learned with others. It may sound like a trivial thing to do but raising environmental awareness can help save planet Earth, so be loud and be heard.

If you need help with e waste management of your company in Singapore, reach out to Metalo International at (+65) 62517855 or leave a message on their website. Metalo International has been in the e waste management industry that helps make the world a greener place to live in and for years to come.