How to whiten your teeth?

Despite the fact that in every dental clinic Brampton you can whiten your teeth in a completely safe way for a short time, many of them use the “home” methods the old-fashioned way. Of course, everyone dreams of a beautiful white smile “as in advertising”, but not everyone is willing to spend money on professional services, expensive materials. However, even if you whiten your teeth at home, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances in order to achieve the desired result and at the same time not damage your body. A teeth whitening brampton is exactly what you need to get a perfectly white smile.


In popularity with this method, little can be compared. When we whiten our teeth at home, plain soda can help us. Many people and Brampton dentists put a pinch of soda on the brush and begin to brush their teeth actively. The effect appears immediately, but this procedure cannot be called too useful. Soda is the strongest abrasive; it also disrupts the acid balance of the oral cavity. Its particles can damage the enamel, literally destroying its top layer. Regular use of bleach soda can cause gum bleeding, so you can use this method no more than once a month or twice.


You may be surprised, but teeth whitening with fruits is widely practiced according to Brampton cosmetic dentist clinic. Of course, for many, this “tasty” method is of interest. If you whiten your teeth at home in this way, you can simply wipe the strawberries, and some other fruit to a pulp and then brush your teeth with this paste. However, the effect will be noticeable, even if there is often fresh fruit. The fruit acids contained in the juice quickly dissolve the plaque and can make the teeth slightly whiter. Of course, the result will not be stunning, but as a preventative measure this method is very effective. Do not use purple and blue whitening fruits: the pigment may stain the enamel.


A relatively safe and easy way to whiten your teeth at home is to use lemon. The teeth should be wiped off for 5-10 minutes, after which the mouth should be rinsed. You can use a lemon juice rinse, but if there are sores in the mouth, small scratches or wounds, it will hurt. Plus, citric acid can adversely affect the enamel.

Hydrogen peroxide

Everyone knows that peroxide is often used to brighten hair, but it can also be useful in the case of teeth. Many professional dental clinic in Brampton whitening preparations include hydroponics, but if you try to whiten your teeth this way alone at home, there is a risk of severe burns to the oral mucosa. And this is not to mention the fact that if you whiten your teeth at home with peroxide and there are cracks in the enamel, you have caries or periodontitis, there is a great danger of making the situation worse.

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