How to plan the perfect bucks party  

We live in a fast paced world where a lot of people don’t have the time or energy for frivolity. We have also been living through a pandemic that has made social interactions hard. Still, people are still getting married. Some things might have changed but others haven’t, like bucks parties. Being asked to be some’s best man is an honor. It says a lot about the kind of relationship you have with your mates and how trustworthy they may regard you to be. Being best-man means more than just keeping the ring age and getting the groom to the chapel on time. It also means you are on charge of giving the groom-to-be a proper send off by organizing and pulling off the most memorable bucks party in Melbourne ever.  Of you have never planned a bucks party on your life, you need to get a few bucks ideas Melbourne and a clue at least, of the basics of what would make a bucks party memorable. Let’s look at some of these basics.

Let’s look at a checklist for a successful bucks do.

Do your research

There are plenty of websites that are dedicated to the hosting memorable bucks parties. From the information you can create a checklist or map out a framework to help you deal with the essentials.

The invitations

You can choose to invite more mates, the ones that the groom has at work or at the golf course and of course, family.

The budget

As the best-man, you have to find ways to finance the event, you cannot approach the groom but you should speak to the other guys you have invited.

Book the bucks party on advance

Make sure you book your bucks party venue in time. If you are thinking of a destination bucks party, make sure that you make travel arrangements on time, secure the place you’ll be sleeping at and pay before the date. Of you are going to keep it local, think of the activities you want to get through. Bucks parties usually take an entire day, so you may plan to skydive, or go paintballing or go-karting. Drinking and exotic dancers are usually bucks party ideas Melbourne that work well at night. It’s a good thing because your mates might only be able to do certain lat specific hours.


A bucks party is not complete without some pranks. They are meant to be humiliating for the groom but hilarious for the rest of the mates at the  party. A popular prank is get the groom very drunk and dump him on a place he would never be caught in. Pull his pants down, handcuff him to  a lamppost with a sign around his neck. If you are going to do something like this, make sure you can find him easily to make sure that he makes it to the church on time.

Losing the groom is one of the bad things that can happen, there are plenty of mishaps that you may come across during your crazy night. Brides have heard all kinds of horror stories about things that happen during stag parties. That is why some brides might insist on you following some ground rules.