How to order LED emergency conversion kits from China

China has been the leading manufacturer of many goods, similarly, LED emergency lights are also highly manufactured in china. Throughout the world, many LED lighting suppliers directly orders the products from china’s LED Light and conversion kit suppliers. As the products are cheaper and of high quality.

Many LED Lighting supplier doesn’t manufacture the emergency module instead they get the emergency conversion kit from a different factory. So, you need to careful while getting the right LED emergency lighting wisely.

So, how to order LED emergency conversion kits from China? The first thing you need to know before ordering is a complete LED emergency lighting system consists of LED lighting and Emergency Conversion Kit.

Emergency conversion kit

If you are purchasing an LED emergency conversion kit, it is necessary to know that it includes an emergency driverand an emergency battery pack. And the LED emergency driver is a completely different form of LED drive.With the help of LED emergency conversion kit,it is very easier to convert the normal LED light into LED emergency lighting

Many LED light manufacturers buy the LED emergency conversion kits from china led conversion kit suppliers and sell the product. So, it’s better to buy an emergency driver and battery pack directly from the manufactures, as it will reduce your cost and you can also customize the kit to your need.

Deciding the best LED Emergency conversion kit

While buying an LED emergency conversion kit you need to check the specs of driver and battery pack and order that fits your need. It might be confusing to decide the best LED emergency driver and battery backup.

If you have any confusion with selecting driver and battery for conversion kit, You can go through this informative article on how to select the LED emergency driver and choosing a suitable battery pack for emergency lighting. It will help you select the right emergency solution for your needs.

LED Emergency Modules available in China

Once you decide the driver and battery for your conversion kit, you need to understand a different kind of LED Emergency Conversion Kits available. According to types and features, there are many options available that servers for a different purpose.

  1. 100% Emergency power: It is similar to LED light-power which is generally used for LED tube light.
  2. Energy-saving emergency Power: It is used for the LED light that has an external driver. A separate low watt battery backup is used to supply power to LED light during a power cut which helps in saving the cost.
  3. Emergency Conversion Kit with an OuterBox:The only difference here is an extra box is used to cover the LED emergency driver and battery pack that provides extra safety while using it in a special environment.
  4. Waterproof Emergency Solution: As the name suggests, the conversion kit comes with a waterproof box. It is specially used in the environment where the conversion kit has chances to get in the contact of water. You can also buy an extra waterproof box to turn your normal kit to a waterproof kit.
  5. Explosive proof emergency Module: Emergency conversion kit is also used in factories with a dangerous environment. And by any chance if any explosion, the explosive proof box with protecting the conversion kit.
  6. Florescent light emergency conversion kit: Apart from LED light, florescent light can also be converted into an emergency lighting with the help of this kit.
  7. Emergency conversion kit for LED strip light: Conversion kit specially designed for LED strip light, you can set the kit to 12v or 24v constant voltage.


Finding the LED Emergency Driver Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Similar to LED light product LED emergency driver and battery pack is also originated from China. You won’t have much problem in finding anLED emergency driver manufacturers and suppliers in China if you know where exactly you will find one.

There are two major areas that produce the emergency lighting product; Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, and Shenzhen. There are many LED lighting factories located in these areas including emergency battery backup kits and driverfactories. Here you will find the cheapest and best quality product compared to another place. If you are looking to reduce your cost it is the best place to find a good manufacturer and supplier.

The manufacturers also invest more time in product research and design which makes their product suitable for any LED lighting or usage environment.

Apart from good quality and cheap price, there are few things like battery capacity and battery pack quality where you need to be very careful. Some suppliers mark the battery capacity more than the actual capacity and you will end up paying more. And they also use the used battery to make the battery pack which makes the product quality very poor. So you should always research and find reliable manufacturers and suppliers to be on a safe side.

Importing LED Emergency Battery Packs from China

Battery products are generally considered a risky product for shipping. If the quality of batteries is poor it may cause an explosion during the shipping process.  So, as mention above is very careful while selecting the reliable manufacturer and supplier.

Once you get a good quality product, you can find china’s reputed shipping company and get the product delivered to you on time.