How to make a nice and practical bathroom? Try these 10 points, girls will like the third point

Toilet occupies a small area of the whole house, but its frequency of use is extremely high,Washing, going to the toilet, taking a shower, etc,are all in this space, so how can we make this small space look good and practical?

How to make a nice and practical bathroom? Xiaobian shared these 10 points today.

1 . Dry-wet separation design

Dry-wet separation design can really improve happiness, but if the bathroom area is really too small, and the installation of glass partition or separate shower room is too crowded, you can actually use shower curtain or water barrier design, which saves more space and does not make the whole bathroom wet.

2 . Installing and storing mirror cabinet

Bathroom mirrors are essential, but there is still some waste of space in terms of simple mirrors,It is advisable to install mirror cabinets with storage, which not only meet the needs of toiletries such as toothbrushes cups, but also meet the needs of mirrors, and make efficient use of space.

3 . Installing mirror headlights

It is not enough to have only the main lamp in the bathroom, and the light in front of the mirror will be dim, so we can install the mirror headlights, which have simple and versatile visual effects and strong functionality,For example, Xiaobian’s favorite defogging function will never look at himself in the mirror after taking a bath, and it is more convenient to make up every day!

4 . Design of washbasin and washboard

It is estimated that few people have adopted the design of washing board in the sink, but it really feels good to use it, because we have some close-fitting clothes, towels and the like which are inconvenient to put into the washing machine, so it is more laborious to rub by hand, and it saves a lot of effort to install the design of washing board.

5 . Hanging under the sink

Suspended bathroom cabinets should not be too easy to use,Making them into wall-row-style suspended bathroom cabinets can increase storage, and empty places below can put buckets, benches and the like,Secondly, wall-row-style can also block sewers, making them more beautiful.

6 . Design and receive niches on the wall

I believe the friends who are going to decorate have seen many decoration cases,The storage of shower room is also very important,We can design a storage niche on the wall to put toiletries,If the space in the shower area is limited, it is ok to install a storage rack on the wall, which plays the same role.

7 . Install constant temperature shower

Through the personal experience of Xiaobian, the constant temperature shower is really good,We don’t need to adjust the water temperature repeatedly when taking a bath, especially in winter, the constant temperature shower is not too comfortable to use.

8 . Spray gun on toilet side

It is necessary to install a toilet spray gun on the side of the toilet,The spray gun has strong water pressure impulse, which can easily clean the toilet and clean the floor at the same time, making housework more effective.

9 . Socket should have splash-proof function

Water is often used in the toilet, and it is always filled with moisture, so the socket in the toilet needs to have splash-proof function, especially in the shower area and near the sink, and more attention should be paid to these locations where water is easy to spray,Using the socket with splash-proof box can effectively reduce potential safety hazards.

10 . Laying anti-skid bricks in toilet

The frequency of water use in toilets is extremely high, and there are certain potential safety hazards, so we need to lay anti-slip bricks, especially for families with old people and children.

These are the 10 essential points for a beautiful and practical bathroom, do you remember? In addition, if the area of the toilet is small, then we can increase the storage function as much as possible, and make use of some fragmented spaces, such as the narrow gap beside the toilet and the narrow gap beside the sink, etc,These small spaces can hold a lot of things!