How To Hire a Landscaper

With its rolling hills and rural charm, Loomis, California, is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. The right landscaper can turn your home’s outdoor area into a private haven. Here are some tips to help you find a great landscaper.

Ask Around

If you admire a friend’s or neighbor’s landscape, ask for a referral. You will be more likely to find a landscaper whose aesthetic matches your own if you already like their work.

Look for Experience

The best loomis landscaping professionals have many years of experience. They understand the local climate and soil and can make the best recommendations for plantings.

Look for Specialties

Many landscape projects require expertise in areas including tree removal, masonry construction and sprinkler system installation. Make sure that one contractor can coordinate all aspects of the work.

Request Mulitple Proposals

A good landscaper will provide you with at least two acceptable design proposals.

Request a Blueprint

A landscaper should provide a detailed drawing from which you can get an overview of the entire project and possibly make adjustments.

Compare Quotes

Make sure to get written quotes for the same work from at least three landscapers. Once you have vetted each candidate’s credentials, look for the best value.

Get a Timeline

Make sure that you have a realistic expectation for how long the work will take to complete. Ask your landscaper to provide a timeline for each stage of the project.

Get a Contract

Don’t hire a landscaper without a formal agreement in place. A contract should outline all the terms with payment details. Make sure to include a provision to pay in stages and make the final payment only after the completion of the project.

The right landscaper can enhance the beauty of your Loomis home and increase the value of your property.