Art is one way to make your room look unique and demonstrate your taste for beauty and style. It cannot be hidden, and it cannot stay unnoticed. Either big or small, a piece of sculpture in your living room will bring the room to life and elevate your interior decoration. Sculptures also remind us of history, legendary works, and the ancient world. However, to get the best from statues in modern home decor, you need to blend classical work with contemporary design. Here, we will share five ways you can change the look of your home with statues.

Animal Statues

You don’t have to be a lover of pets before you decorate your home with statues of animals. If you believe that animal symbols can bring you luck, then you have more reasons to decorate your home with animal statues. Wild cats like leopards or cheetahs can be placed at the entrance for your guests to gaze at. Big birds like eagles can serve a similar purpose. But you can also go for more friendly animals like a flamingo, domestic cat, and frog. Small animals will be better besides the wall or on your dining table.

Table Sculpture

Not only is your dining table ideal for sculpture, but a figurine can also be placed on any elevated surface in your home, even at the center of your sitting room. Here, size is important. Please don’t make it too big, tall, or bold so that it can fit the modern design of your home. Let it blend with other items in the room and locate it where it won’t interfere with other designs and arrangements of your home. If it depicts something of interest to you, then you have more reasons to have it. But, even if it doesn’t represent anything you are fond of, there is no problem. No one will ask you what it represents.

Abstract Image

Work of art doesn’t have to represent anything well known. You can have some abstract images included in your home decor. The primary requirement is that they must add beauty, style, and value to your home. The more abstract it is, the more people will appreciate it. Make it bold, locate it where it can be easily seen. Let’s people see it, gaze at it and try their best to figure out what it could be. A modern design with an appealing color will do the magic.

Greek Statue 

Big or small, statues inspired by the ancient world could be fascinating. If you love big and bold images, then go for an Apollo statue or any other image depicting ancient Greek God. Your home will not only be beautiful and stand out but will also remind your guests of history. However, if you don’t want a six-foot image in your living space, you can have it as small as you prefer. The message will still be the same. But make sure it fits other designs and the kind of items you have in the room. After all, it is there only for decoration. You can also go on the website Heka Statue for your interior decor.

Great Paintings

Sometimes the painting is what makes the difference. You can get an image of virtually anything, from a tiny insect to a giant warrior. But let it be painted in a color that will match your interior design. In that way, you will be blending the work of art with contemporary interior decoration. Hanging a beautifully painted statue on the wall would be great, but since it doesn’t stand for anything other than art, you can locate it anywhere in your home. 

The Take-Away

You don’t have to be an art collector before you decorate your home with beautiful statues. There are many ways to blend art with your modern home design. You can have the statue of a big wild animal at the entrance of your home or the dining area. You can also decorate your home with small animals. Other ideas include Greek-inspired statues and figurines. You can also place abstract images at strategic positions or just beautiful paintings that will blend with other designs in the room.