How to Earn Extra Income from Your Restaurant or Cafe

When you run a restaurant or cafe, you might constantly be looking for new ways to make extra income from it and boost your profits. As such, here are some of the best options that you can choose from if you want to grow your business past simply serving sit-down meals and dishes during lunch and dinner. 

Run a Takeout Service 

One of the best ways that you can earn a little bit of extra income and complement the services that your business already offers is to run a takeout service. A takeout service will allow customers to order food to eat at home or wherever they choose to, rather than waiting to be served within your restaurant. This can help you to catch those who are having a date night at home or even those who are on their way home from work. However, running a takeout service and a sit-down service can be difficult as you will need extra staff members to take orders and cook the food, or else you may find that not enough attention is being given to the customers who are eating within the eat-in part of your business. 

Sell Baked Goods

You should also consider selling baked goods to make extra income for your restaurant or café, especially if you already specialize in offering a range of exciting pastries and desserts. These baked goods can ensure that none of your products go to waste at the end of the day and that people can enjoy them when they are on the go. To sell baked goods, though, you will have to find the right packaging. For instance, baguette bags can allow your customers to carry around their purchase with them, whether they want lunch or a snack during a break from work. If your customers enjoy their baked goods, they are likely to return and even visit the sit-in part of our coffee shop or restaurant at some time. 

Sell Recipes and Other Goods

You should also consider selling recipes and other goods, and you might sell so many of these that you decide to open a store in one part of your restaurant. By selling your recipes, you will be encouraging people to engage with the dishes that you serve, although you might avoid giving out details of any secret ingredient to ensure that they do not stop coming to your restaurant. You could also fill your store with other goods, such as souvenirs for the surrounding area, ornaments that connect with your restaurant theme, or kitchen equipment. This can encourage visitors to linger in your café or restaurant and spend more money there. 

Cater Events

You should also consider catering for events in your local area. By offering catering services, you might be able to get more people interested in visiting your café or restaurant in order to try your food again. You might also be able to use these events as a chance to give out your business cards and flyers, all while making a little bit of extra income for your business. 

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