How to Clean Top Loading Washing Machines by the Right Way

How to clean top-loading washing machines has always been a problem for some people. Some people buy the machines because they like the way it looks, and they can fit into the corner of the room. Others buy them because they are so convenient. Whatever your reason is, it is important to know how to clean top loading washing machines.


As many of you know, washing machines have two drums, the inner drum, and the outer drum. There is a sandwich of about two centimeters between these two drums. And this is where dirt is easily deposited. But we can’t clean the washing machine to take it apart. So the easiest and most efficient way is to use a special washing machine cleaner or descaling agent. Please don’t worry they will only produce a trace of foam. They can strongly remove internal stains, bacteria, odors, without damaging the machine. Pay attention not to use ordinary washing powder. It does not only have any effect, but also may lead to foam overflow and damage the machine.

Step 1: External maintenance. Put on gloves, take off the wave wheel with screw driver. Hold the wave wheel with one hand, unscrew it counterclockwise with another hand. Pay attention not to lose the internal gasket. If rusted, you can pour hot water on the screw position, you can easily remove it. Use a small amount of special cleaning agent dissolved in warm water. Brush the back of the wheel and the lower part of the inner tube, and then put it back.

Step 2: Use the cleaning agent. Select the single washing program (usually turn on the machine directly press “wash”, or press “process”, select “wash only”. If you do not understand, select ” Strong wash”, hang up the drain). Manually select the water to the highest level, press the start button, about one-fifth of the water, press the “start/pause” button again. The cleaning agent will be poured directly into the water (powder, liquid ). If conditions allow, manually add about 40-60 degrees warm water to the high water level. Then press the start button to continue to complete the wash. Because the choice is a single wash, the water will not be discharged after washing (if the drain hangs up, there will be an error message, turn off the machine can be). Soak for more than 4 hours, you can see that a bunch of flaky black dirt washed out. Four hours later, turn on the machine again (put down the drain), select the strong wash, or bucket cleaning program, to complete the wash.

If you would like to clean the top loading washing machine by yourself, then you have to follow these simple steps. If they are too difficult to understand for you or you are not confident doing the steps. Please ask for help from the professionals.