Float switches are a type of float sensor known to be one of the most effective technologies used today to detect liquid levels and activate pump control panels or alarms if the need arises. Here are some factors you need to consider to choose the right float switch for your water tank:

1.    The Mounting Positions

You need to consider the mounting positions available in the tank. There are two main styles when looking for a float switch: vertical mounting and horizontal mounting.

Vertical float switches are used when the tank has no side access and the float has to be attached to the top or bottom of the tank. They usually come with a fixed vertical stem that passes through the top or bottom of the tank.

If the vessel has an open top or extends from floor to ceiling, you’ll need to use a horizontal liquid level float switch. It typically comes with a fixed housing that goes through the sidewall of the vessel

2.    Build-Up of Deposits

Another thing you need to consider is whether there’s a chance a build-up of deposits could occur on the float body from the liquid. With time, these deposits can get accumulated and cause the float switch to malfunction. Make sure to look for float switches that are designed to limit the chances of build-up.

3.    The Operating Environment

Don’t forget to consider the operating environment before choosing a float switch. The applications matter just as much as the type of water tank that’s being used. You may only need a plastic float switch if your tank is used only for an industrial process. If there are multiple switch points that need to be monitored in the environment, then custom float switches may be best for your tank.

However, if the application is an area where vapors and flammable gases are present, you’ll need to opt for a stainless steel and explosion-proof float switch. These are important things to consider when looking for float switches for tanks.

Keep all three factors in mind to choose the right float switch type for your tank and avoid any problems down the line.