How Recycling Helps the Environment

Recycling is something that people tell you that you should do. You see the recycling symbol of every product package. You may even hear about it in your community. This may make you wonder exactly how recycling helps and why you should do it.

Reduce Waste

When you recycle, you send items to a recycling center, such as Leed Credits Queens, instead of a landfill. The importance of this is that when trash goes to a landfill, it will sit there for years, possibly even decades, depending on the type of material.

With so much trash heading to landfills, these sites have to expand and new sites must open to accommodate all that waste. When you recycle, though, the waste doesn’t sit around. Instead, the recycling center processes it so that someone can reuse it.

In short, reducing waste means that there is less destruction of the environment to build new landfills and from the runoff and other containments that can get into the water, air, and soil from these trash dumps.

Conserves Resources

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, recycling helps to conserve natural resources by reducing waste and allowing for the reuse of materials. Furthermore, through this process, it also provides a domestic source for new materials. We don’t have to make new materials either, which in turn means less production and manufacturing pollution. Plus, it saves energy on top of everything else.

Conserving resources means less damage to the environment overall from pollution, energy waste, and the process of getting new materials.

Recycling Is Helping

While you may not realize that throwing your soda can or plastic bottle in the recycling bin instead of in the trash can make a huge difference, it really does. All it takes is a few simple steps to start recycling and to do your part to help the environment.


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