How Mistranslation Affects Your Business, Medical, and Legal Concerns

The world has many languages with different grammar rules and writing systems. In Singapore alone, people speak Chinese, English, Malay, and Tamil. Although language should not be a reason for discrimination or misunderstanding, it can still be a barrier for some people to make friendships, partner with businesses, or maintain unity.

Fortunately, some people value learning different languages. Most people call them bi-lingual or polyglots. With their skills, they can start a career in the transcription services of Singapore. They can symbolize a person who values understanding among different cultures.

After all, Singapore is a multicultural country, where differences are a source of unification. Translating languages can also prevent diplomatic misunderstanding and save lives! It is because language is part of your daily life, from going to a grocery store, commuting, to visiting hospitals.

Let this article show you the importance of a translation agency in modern Singapore.

What Are the Effects of Mistranslation?

Humanity has a history of world war, violence, and racial discrimination. All of these might be the cause of ethnic differences. However, in the present time, racism will never be the correct answer if the world wants unity.  There are many ways to promote kindness towards the differences. It includes knowing about the culture, respecting the people, and translation and medical transcription services los angeles ca.

However, mistranslation can still happen because of human error. So, here are the possible effects of incorrect translation to business, daily life, or medical services.


1. Daily Inconvenience for Expats or Foreigners

When moving to another country, it may be challenging because of the language barrier. For instance, you move to Japan with only a basic knowledge of Nihongo. For sure, there would be daily inconveniences in many ways. Since Japan is not an English-speaking country, there is a possibility that there would be misunderstandings between you and the random people you’ll meet.

There is also a possibility that you’ll encounter nagging staff because they don’t want to deal with foreigners. Luckily, in Singapore, you can find a translation agency where you can help your foreign friends with their daily lives.

2. Medical Concerns

When an ex-pat from a non-English speaking country comes to Singapore, they may have problems translating medical documents. It is because medical issues are personal. There are terms that non-professional can’t interpret. If it happens, they may incorrectly translate critical words that may cause your health condition.

For this reason, it is best to look for medical translation services in Singapore for your medical concerns. If not, it may be hard for doctors to identify your condition because of the language barrier. For the worst part, it can further complicate your health status.

3. Business Mismanagement

Business happens among different companies or organizations from various countries. For sure, language is one of the problems of business owners. For instance, you have a partner in China, but you can’t speak Mandarin. Unfortunately, it can impact your business partnership with them. You can experience client dissatisfaction, time wasted, credibility loss, conflict with potential partners, and offending them.

So, partner with a translation agency in Singapore if you want to expand your business globally. This way, you can connect with different business owners internationally and reach more international audiences. You can also look to enhance your credibility with numerous international partners.

4. Legal Concerns

Legal matters need professionals who have in-depth knowledge. But, what if it’s in another language? Of course, you may need some professional translation services that can interpret legal documents. For incense, your spouse is a foreigner. And your spouse gave you a legal paper in another language about divorce.

Of course, you can’t rely on Google translate for an accurate translation. You might need to have the services of a translation agency in Singapore that can provide you with qualified translators. If you trust a professional translator, you can avoid more problems along the process.

Keep in mind that legal documents have terminology and different documentation styles. For this reason, professional translators can help you understand word per word.

5. Mistranslation for Entertainment Purposes

Mistranslation can also be a cause of entertainment purposes. An inaccurate translation can be humorous. However, it can impact your business and other aspects of life. There are even shows where they make fun of people who speak English. It is because they have the wrong accent, and it gives a different meaning. Although it can be for entertainment purposes, you still need a translation agency in Singapore for serious matters.

This way, you can provide yourself with the best language solution. There are also medical translation services, legal translation services, and others. The key is to distinguish what’s supposed to be fun and what needs to be serious. In doing so, you can protect your credibility and reputation.


Why Mistranslation Happens

Mistranslation happens daily, and it can cause misunderstandings between two parties. As mentioned above, mistranslations can impact medical, legal, or business concerns. For this reason, a translation agency in Singapore should help you interpret documents or papers. But why does mistranslation happen? Better continue reading to avoid these mistakes!


  • Omitting critical messages – When translating one language to another, it is essential to determine the sentence message. If you do so, you’ll know the tone, audience, and point of view.
  • Translating literally without reading the context – there are many idiomatic expressions in any language. For instance, “break a leg” means good luck. But if you interpret it, the meaning will change to damage your legs.
  • Ignoring the grammar – Grammar is also an essential part of translation. For instance, transcription services should be mindful of grammar. Otherwise, it could mean different things!
  • Inconsistent Terms – Terms vary depending on the context, sentence structure, and grammar. In medical translation services, there would be medical terms. They may have the same spelling but different meanings.
  • Incorrect spacing – Spacing can also change the meaning of a whole sentence. So, be mindful of commas or semicolons when translating a document.

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