How Can You Maintain Your Spa?

Preparing your health spa includes three standard steps: stabilizing your water, cleaning your tools, as well as launching your sanitizer system. We’ll guide you with spa maintenance treatments.

Draining and Cleaning your Jacuzzi

Prepare your day spa for readjusting the water chemistry with an extensive cleaning. Routine upkeep not only makes health facilities simpler to treat with chemicals; however, likewise extends the life of internal parts. Repeat this procedure with each medical spa water change, or every 60 to 90 days.


  • Get rid of filter. Change if older than 1 year, or else soak in filter soak, after that set aside to completely dry.
  • Add 8oz. Spa System flush to the water and turn the jet pump on for about 15 minutes, or else allow rest overnight.
  • Drain your bathtub
  • Reinstall filter cartridge. Maintaining an extra or handy indicates you’ll have a completely dry, tidy filter to install.
  • Tidy inside the tub and both sides of the cover with a mild, pH neutral cleaner. 
  • Keep in mind: Prevent usual family cleaners. They cause frothing and alter the pH balance of Jacuzzis.
  • Deal with medical spa covering with gloss or various other non-wax gloss.
  • Apply protectant to both sides of health facility cover. Never utilize vinyl conditioners having silicone or petroleum distillates.

Equilibrium pH, Metals, TA, and Hardness

Cleaning your day spa and replacing the water doesn’t indicate it’s excellent to go. Even excellent sources of tap water still require to be gotten used to satisfy the requirements of Jacuzzis.

You might not require every one of the products listed below, depending on your sanitizer system, as well as water resource.



  • Refill about fifty percent full with fresh water. Utilize a pipe filter for well water.
  • Include steel free, clarifier, as well as residue digester per label guidelines and surface loading spa.
  • Use examination strips and readjust utilizing chart listed below.
  • After balancing, let water flow for at the very least 30 minutes before making and retesting final modifications.
  • Examination for calcium firmness. Include calcium level at around 150 PPM if reduced.
  • Place a drifting oil scum absorber in health spa water.
  • Include shock to the medical spa per tag directions.