How Can Family Ties be Maintained During a Lockdown?

Domestic strife has risen sharply as a result of the epidemic. Depression and anxiety have increased as a result of the epidemic. “There is a sense of insecurity. “There is always the dread of losing one’s work, of having to take pay cutbacks, and of having to perform even better than usual,” she continues. Or there’s the very real threat of losing one’s autonomy and privacy. The epidemic continues to have a significant impact on our lives, including our interactions with others in our communities, families, homes, and businesses. Millions of people have lost some, if not all, of their typical perspectives on others.

Keep in touch

To remain in contact, use phones, laptops, and the mail. We feel more connected when we hear a warm, familiar voice or read a message from somebody we care about. This is critical for our mental health, particularly for persons who live alone and maybe lonely, isolated, or fearful. You must buy rakhis online like rakhi for kids lots of companies provide online rakhi in Indiaand online shopping of rakhi; rakhi online shopping is so much easier and important to look that special brother-sister bond!And online rakhis/rakhis online Indiawill help you maintain that!


Join hands in assisting others

Participating in local initiatives to assist individuals who are more susceptible during the epidemic is beneficial to both those who are helping and those who are being helped. More on the uplifting impact of helping others in our communities and beyond – as well as the thrill of random acts of kindness – can be found here.

Make some guarantees

For those of us who live with others and are frustrated or overwhelmed by continual closeness, deciding who will use various sections of the house – for example, during the day, when we may need to work and/or care for children – may be beneficial. And during the night we might have family time. Try engaging in fun and educational activities like teaching kids about some festivals and their importance. For instance, Raksha bhandhan- teach them how can you celebrate this in lockdown, engage in activities go online type something like-rakhi send online,rakhi order online,rakhi online buy,online rakhi shopping,online rakhi india, or rakhi online in India help them to choose from various kids rakhi online.

Continue to speak and listen

It may also be beneficial to set out a moment each day for everyone in our household to express how they are feeling – for example, what we have found most challenging and what we are grateful for that day. Sharing sentiments without fear of being judged or chastised might make us feel more relaxed and connected to one another. It may be helpful to recall that the coronavirus crisis affects everyone and that you may be feeling more nervous and angry than normal.

Remember that these restrictions will eventually be lifted, but in the meanwhile, we will be physically closer to some and further away from others. We must all discuss, listen, and care for each other and ourselves in order to get through this, building on what draws us together and what we want to see in the future.