Home Gym Journey: Buying My First Elliptical Machine

When fitness centres closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to create a home gym since I have a spare room. My home gym is beneficial for me since I can exercise even at midnight! My first home gym equipment piece in Singapore was the elliptical machine.

Elliptical Machine

Perhaps the elliptical machine in Singaporeis the most popular gym equipment, next to the treadmill.

Elliptical machines are stationary fitness equipment that has two pedals and horizontal handrails. Its appearance is similar to a bicycle but without a seat.

But why did I decide to buy it in the first place?

Elliptical Machine Purpose

The number one reason I decided to purchase an elliptical machinerather than a treadmill or other exercise machine is that it is all-around equipment.

This machine trains both the upper and lower body. It mimics climbing, walking, running, and cycling movements, targeting my glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

Most importantly, its design caters to aerobics and cardiovascular workouts, which I primarily focus on recently. These are the reasons why I called my sports equipment supplier in Singapore for it instead of a treadmill.

How The Elliptical Machine Benefited Me?

All kinds of gym tools, even an exercise mat in Singapore, will benefit you if you use them. So my first advice, if you want to reap benefits from your gym tools, is to use them with perseverance and motivation! No room for procrastination.

· It helps me burn calories

If you aim to lose weight, I highly recommend getting anelliptical machine. Since it is a cardio machine, it generally helps you burn some calories with the climbing and running movements. The higher the intensity level, the more calories you burn.

· It is an upper and lower body workout

I mentioned that elliptical machines are perfect for training your upper and lower body. The pedals work out the lower limbs or the legs and thighs, while the horizontal handrails exercise the arms and shoulders. It is a two-in-one machine!

· Improves my stamina

Besides burning calories, another advantage of using an elliptical machine is improving the function of the heart and lungs. The aerobics department of this machine is responsible for this benefit.

By improving my heart and lung functions, I also enhanced my stamina and endurance. Hence, I don’t get tired quickly after an exercise routine.

Maintenance of the Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machine maintenance is pretty straightforward as well. Every after use, I wipe the handrails and the control panel to clean the sweat, just like what I usually do at the gym.

Once a week, I give it a thorough clean, such as disinfecting it with alcohol and vacuuming the stride rails and rollers.

I lubricate my elliptical machine once a year. I always check the instruction manual from my sports equipment supplier in Singapore to guarantee I do it correctly. Whenever I feel something unusual with my machine, I call an expert for an inspection.

Likelihood to recommend

I highly recommend getting an elliptical machine. Elliptical machines are useful and have a lot of benefits. They are very straightforward to use and require less maintenance than other gym tools.

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