Hero Splendor Pro- Top selling Indian bike

The craze of bike is quite visible among bike lovers. Leh Lehdak is even known as capital of bike in the world. When someone makes purchases on bikes it becomes one of big investment of buyer. There are brands such as Bajaj, TVS, Honda, Hero and Suzuki, Yamaha are very popular bike brands in India.

Advantage of Hero Splendor Pro

Whatever bikes come under Hero Splendor Pro are best bikes which give benefits of having them.

  • Road Grip
  • Reliability
  • Comfort
  • Mileage
  • Appeal

List of Hero Splendor Pro

Bajaj Platina 100 is one of single- cylinder, 102 cc engine that draws out 7.9 PS and 8.34 of peak torque. The other feature of this bike is a 4- Speed gearbox and it gives speed of 90 km per hour.  The bike is available in simple design in red and black colour. It can be found as two variants and below are the cost (ex- showroom, New Delhi).


  • Platina 100 ES Alloy CBS- Rs 48,282
  • Platina 100 KS Alloy CBS – Rs 40, 749


Hero Splendor PRO – It is powered by an air- cooled, OHC, 4- Stroke, 97.2 cc engine that is even wonderful for 8.36 hp and 8.05 Nm of peak torque.  Hero splendour comes with Hero HF deluxe, and it has 4 speed constant mesh gearbox. It has even tri- set cockpit style meter console, chrome plated muffler and rugged shockers, stand indicator, wide comfortable seat and premium 3D splendour emblem.

Hero HF Deluxe IBS  –  hero HF Deluxe IBS comes in single cylinder, 97.2 cc engine (it makes 8.36 hp), OHC, 4 stroke and a peak of torque of 8.05 Nm. The engine of this one is 4 speed constant mesh transmission.  Plus this bike has features such as Integrated Braking System (IBS), 5 spoke alloy wheels, console with side stand indicator and always headlight On (AHO) system. The price of the bike varies.


  • HF Deluxe IBS Kick start Drum Brake Alloy wheel – Rs 39, 900
  • HF Deluxe IBS Self start drum Brake Alloy wheel i3s All Black – Rs 49, 625
  • HF Delxue IBS Self start Drum Brake Allot Wheel – Rs 48, 425
  • HF Deluxe IBS Self start drum Brake Alloy wheel i3s – Rs. 49, 625

Honda CD 110 Dream Dx – This model Honda CD 110 Dream Dx has 109.9 19 cc, SI engine that heaves 8.31 bhp and 9.09 Nm of peak torque.  On the other hand, the bike even best functions such as chrome plated handlebar, silver, cover, rear carrier, silver alloys, long seat and with seal chain. The price of the bikes will vary –


  • CD 110 Dream Self Drum- Grab rail – Rs 49, 498
  • CD 110 Dream CBS DLX Carrier – Rs 51, 847
  • CD 110 Dream CBS STD Carrier – 50, 347
  • CD 110 Dreams Self Drum- Carrier – Rs 49, 788

These bikes come under the category of top selling. These have some special kind of features which makes your riding comfortable and free.