Here’s What To Do If You Lock Yourself Out Of Your House During The Winter

Did you know that about 28% of the American population would lose or misplace their keys at least once a week? This forgetfulness could easily lead to several unfortunate lockouts. Now that the winter season is upon us, the inconvenience of being locked out of your home just got a little more annoying.

There are several discount locksmith near me or 24 hr locksmith near me, which could always be handy during these circumstances. However, if it’s freezing cold outside, you need to have more than just a plan B. With that in mind, here are some of the things you should do if you find yourself locked out during the winter.

Try the other doors and windows in your home

If you’ve been locked out from your home’s front door, the next obvious step would be to check other doors and windows in your home if any of them are open.

Check the dog door as well

Yes, checking all the doors also include your dog door. If you’re petite, then squeezing your way through the dog door won’t be much of a challenge. Remember, that your priority is only to reach in and unlock the door.

Don’t try to break windows or kick down the door

While we’re at it, we should also warn you not to break any windows or kick down the door since that would lead to self-injury and repair costs.

Do you have a hidden spare key?

If all the doors (including the dog door) and windows are locked, then ask yourself if you have a spare key somewhere under one of your flower pots.

Do you know anyone who may also have a spare key?

If by some unfortunate instance you couldn’t find the spare key, then maybe you have given a family member a spare key to your home. Call them!

Use a coat hanger

Using a coat hanger is an easy trick to help unlock the door from the inside. The downside to relying on this method is that people don’t necessarily carry coat hangers with them wherever they go.

Is there any discount locksmith near me?

Next up is figuring out if there are any discount locksmith near me or 24 hr locksmith near me. These are professionals who deal with clients in similar situations. You can definitely rely on them.

What about trying lock picks?

Have you tried picking the locks? This method would require some kind of skill so learning how to pick locks can be proven useful in case you get locked out again. However, if you don’t know how to do it properly, it is not advisable to randomly pick locks.

By searching “24 hr locksmith near me”, you’ll have a professional locksmith who can help you get out of this annoying situation. In fact, there are several 24 hr services that deal with lost home keys and being locked out, lost car keys, key replacements, and so much more.

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