Guide to Install Chandelier Correctly Above the Bed for Proper Illumination

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In the past, chandeliers were reserved for formal dining rooms and entryways. Now chandeliers are made in different shapes and sizes, so has their placement in the home. You’ll want a stylish light fixture in your hallway, living room, and bathroom as well. However, designers and architects believe that the bedroom is the best area for some dramatic lighting. You can even include chandeliers in children’s bedrooms.

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However, installing a chandelier in a bedroom is not that easy. Bedrooms are of different sizes and each has different kinds of furniture as well as a color scheme. It is necessary to understand what size of chandelier and direction is appropriate to hang it so that it gives proper light and also looks perfect for the room size.

We have gathered a guide to help you understand better –


The size of the pendant you choose for your bedroom is determined by where you want to hang it.

  • Focused Positioning: Placing the pendant at the foot of your bed is a common way to center it in your room. Calculate the length and width of your room, then add the two values together. The diameter of a suitable-sized chandelier is equal to the result when converted to inches.
  • Over the Bed: The dimensions of the bed can play the most crucial part in determining the proportion of your chandelier. In this scenario, a huge chandelier will overwhelm a smaller bed and a mini-chandelier will not work well with a king- or queen-sized bed frame. Chandeliers with a diameter of 36 inches are appropriate for a king- or big bed, while chandeliers with a diameter of 24 inches are appropriate for a full- or twin-sized bed.


Whether you set your lighting fixture in the center of the room or on top of the bed, the bottom of the lighting fixture should droop about 7 feet above the floor. Make sure your lighting fixture isn’t hanging too low over your bed by adjusting the height of the fixture. It should not obstruct your view of any TV displays, nor should it pose a security risk when you sleep and get in and out of bed.

Appropriate Hook

If you don’t have an electrical junction box right on top of your bed, install a large swag hook into the ceiling beam over the middle of the bed. Droop the chandelier at the epicenter of the room. Keep the chain as long as possible. If your chandelier weighs more than 50 pounds, avoid using a swag hook. Attach the chain on the swag hook so that the bottom of the chandelier hangs 7 feet from the ground.

After installing the chandelier, it is also important to choose the right kind of bulb. Choose lights that illuminate the whole room appropriately and also regulate your bill.