Businesses are often on the look for powerful means to win more audiences or customers every day. Increasing sales and generating more leads is the mission of marketers to fuel a brand’s success. Some would even require hiring top production houses in Singapore to create impressive video content to promote their brand.

Video marketing nowadays is one of the most powerful techniques in any marketing campaign. According to WyzOwl’s marketing statistics for 2022, 88% of people say they would like to see more video content from brands. The trend of pushing successful video content does not stop. Nor slow down since most people are into watching video content for entertainment and education.

Marketers often take advantage of the idea to bring more attention to the brand. It is where video content creation services become handy in producing meaningful video content that users can share and spread to others via digital and social platforms.

Why Video Content Matters More Than Ever

If your enterprise or brand has not yet utilised video content well, you might want to consider investing in video marketing on different platforms. Creating relevant and engaging video content on platforms like YouTube and Facebook can boost your brand or product marketing exposure. Some even invest in video content creation services. Here’s why video marketing content is something you want to invest in for the better of your product or brand marketing:

It’s simpler and easier to create

There are plenty of options for producing quality video content, and today is more convenient than ever. Unlike in previous decades, where you need to have an insane budget while hiring a number of crews to man the equipment, today is much more simplified. You don’t necessarily need to pay for top production houses. All you need is a computer, a smartphone or DSLR, a mic and video-editing software.

Higher ROI rate

Video content can generate a high level of return on investment (ROI). Apart from having many options for creating effective video content and a simplified creation process, you have to conceptualise ideas that will grab your audience’s attention. From platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’ll find plenty of inspirations and ideas for an efficient generation process for the content that appeals to the target audience. Hence many invest in video content creation services.

According to HubSpot, 55% of marketers claim video marketing has an average ROI, and 32% of marketers found that the most efficient way to generate leads is through video marketing. On the other hand, 41% of marketers report having high ROI.

Video content is effective in informing your audience

Effective video content creates an outstanding device to help consumers know about your brand, product or service. Your target market needs to know and be informed about your product or service and why they need them to generate leads and earn potential buyers. All your target consumers need is to understand how your product or service will help them with their needs or problems. It is the key to informing and convincing them. Other brands use statistics to help with infographic video production. Informing your audience means convincing them.

According to an article on Linkedin, 94% of industry professionals attest that video boosts purchasing of their client’s products or services.

Constructing An Effective Video Marketing Strategy


Successful video content needs a proper marketing strategy. All successful content should be able to resonate and communicate well with your audience. The type of content that you need to produce should all be well-thought enough to make an impact and make your target consumer feel something. So, how do you do that? While video content creation services are vital, a strategy is critical for having the blueprint to achieve your marketing objective.

A marketing strategy should help you achieve the goals that you want when publishing video content. Without further ado, here are helpful ways you can follow to construct an effective video marketing strategy:

Know how to optimise your video content across different channels and platforms

You may choose to air an ad or spread engaging video content on TikTok or Instagram. Depending on the channel and platform you use for your campaign, you have to ensure your videos are optimised to get the best reach and engagement. For example, if you are going to launch video content for Instagram and Facebook, you have to make it short. Add captions and popular hashtags to increase the potential reach.

Get your message right for your brand.

Whether you are paying for video content creation services, you need to be aware of getting the message right. Know what we mean by that? Ask yourself if your message provides any value to what your target audience is looking for, and is the message convincing for them? Does your content have consistent branding? Your communication should not be different from what they see on other platforms, as this will have an inconsistent reflection on your brand and can hurt your marketing campaign.

Have a budget for your video

Having a budget for your video makes sense. In fact, having a decent budget for you (depending on what it is all about) can help increase its quality. While having an enormous budget does not mean 100% per cent success for your content, it does add a significant quality, such as having better actors, better post-production output, sound quality, etc. Still, you need to have the goal and branding message in mind when spending a budget for your video content.

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