Furniture 101: All You Need To Know About Sofa

We love to invite people to our house. And there is no better place to share gossip or watch a sports event live than in our living room. A coffee table and a soft sofa make our conversation more interesting and watching games more relaxing. 

It is the reason why a couch and sofa in Singapore are essential in every household. And choosing the right sofa, from the softness of its cushion to its attractive colour, can be tedious work. 

Learn more about sofa, couch, and loveseats by reading this article. 

Sofa, Couch, And Loveseat: What Are The Differences? 

When you hear the words sofa, couch, and loveseat, what are the images that come into your mind? 

Thesofa in Singaporeis an elongated seat made of fabric material, whilst a couch is made of leather? What about loveseat? A glaring red-coloured version of sofa with hearts and cherubs carved on it to signify love?

But do you know that there is an Italian leather sofa in Singapore? And a couch can use fabric materials too? 


The name sofa came from the Arabic word suffah, which means stone or wooden bench. 

The main distinction the sofa has from its close siblings is the size. Typically, a sofa has more seating capacity than couches. It can accommodate four or more people, depending on its shape. The L shape of the sofa in Singapore can accommodate six to eight people. They are usually 75 to 91 inches long. 

There are smaller versions of the sofa as well, like a3 seater sofa in Singapore.

You can also determine the sofa by its number of cushions. A sofa typically has two to four cushions. 

Sofas can use different materials as well. The most common isfabric sofa in Singapore, but there is a leather sofa, too. 

When it comes to price, the sofa is the most expensive of all living room seating. 

Lastly, the words sofa and couch are used interchangeably, especially in America. However, people usually use the word sofa to describe a fancy living room seating. 


The word couch came from the Frenchcouche, which means furniture without arms. Its etymology also originated from the French verb coucher, meaning “to lie down.”

A couch is typically smaller than a sofa in Singapore. A couch can accommodate two to three people. The primary distinction a couch has from theItalian leather sofa in Singaporeis it has no arms. 

Couches are more intended for lying down. A couch has three or more cushions, almost similar to sofas.

The West, especially in the US, uses the words couch and sofa interchangeably. However, they mostly use the word couch when referring to the casual living room seating.

Also, you can see in the entertainment rooms of the house, while sofas are in the living and family rooms that host guests. 


On the other hand, a loveseat is the smaller version of the sofa. Even smaller than a 3 seater sofa in Singapore. A loveseat can fit two people– a couple, hence its name.

A loveseat has two cushions. A loveseat is perfect for smaller homes; however, if you love hosting gatherings in your home, a loveseat alone is not an ideal living room seating. You can combine it with a sofa or couch, too. 


The name settee originated from the Old English word setl(settle), meaning a bench with a high back and arms. Today, there is almost no difference between a sofa and a settee, making them synonymous with each other. However, the settee is more of an outdated language. The words couch and sofa are more popular today. 

Now that you know the differences between the sofa, couch, loveseat, and settee, the next chapter will discuss the different types of sofa today. 


The Different Types of Sofa

You can see different types of sofas in many interior designs today. Some have the traditional fabric sofa, while others incorporate the L shape in many sofa structures in Singapore. 

Traditional Sofa

The traditional sofa or the standard sofa in Singapore has a width of eight feet, a height of 36 inches, and a depth of 38 inches. It can accommodate three to four people. 

The traditional fabric sofa in Singaporenow comes in different styles and designs. A Bridgewater sofa has distinct rolled back and low arms. 

Meanwhile, a camelback sofa has a noticeable arched back and exposed legs. 

Grande sofa

The grande sofa is much longer than the traditionalsofa in Singapore. Its length ranges from 90 inches to 110 inches, accommodating four to five people. 

Grande sofas are perfect for people who like to host many guests at home. It is ideal for lounging and relaxing. 

Among the popular designs of the grande sofa is the chesterfield. Chesterfield sofas are famous for their diamond-tufted back and arms and exposed legs. 

Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are unique in structure. You can see them as U-shaped andL shape sofa in Singapore. Similar to the grande sofa, it can fit four to five people. It is ideal for large living rooms and cornered areas. 

Big families and people who love to host guests should have sectional sofas. 

Petite Sofa

The petite sofa is similar to the traditional fabric sofa in Singapore, except for one thing– its depth. This sofa has a shallow depth, making it small. It has the same as the traditional sofa and can accommodate three to four people. 

Petite sofas are perfect for kids in households. 


A loveseat or two-seater sofa is a smaller version of a sofa. The only difference it has from the petite sofa is its depth. 

If a petite sofa has the same length as a traditional sofa yet has shallower depth: the loveseat has a shorter expansion than a typical fabric sofa in Singaporebut has identical depth. 


Your living room is incomplete without a cosy and beautiful sofa. Now that you know the different types of sofa, you can choose which one fits your home. 

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