FUE hair transplantation is a surgical procedure for restoring hair to areas impacted by balding. It takes about three months to begin new hair development, and one whole year to develop entirely. Proper care of your hair after an FUE hair transplant helps in increasing the quality of hair and ensures the best outcomes! Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic elaborated here some recovery guidelines that support your hair transplant and give you the desired results:

Hair Transplant Recovery Tips

First of all, make sure you are comfortable during your procedure around your transplant zone. Using minimum pressures to prevent disturbing the transplanted hair sections, and apply an ointment that was administered for the specified areas. Wait 48 hours at least for washing your hair. Using infant shampoo as their shampoos are so gentle. After one week, you can begin to clean the area around the hair follicles with a gentle shampoo. Attentively apply the shampoo with a gentle touch. Avoid rubbing. Use a cup or bowl of water to rinse hair, it prevents excessive pressure from the water. Use a fluffy towel to dry the transplant area for the first two weeks.

When the recovery starts, the transplanting area will start to show some itching and scabbing. Avoid scratching on the thin scabs or transplanted area.

There is also mild folliculitis in some patients. Loprox is prescribed in this situation. In the first two days of using it, Loprox removes swelling, redness, and inflammation.

For the first few days after your transplant, limit your activities. For at least the first 7 to 10 days, any athletic activity like jogging, exercising, or sports should be stopped.

Try a regular diet with a range of organic ingredients. A good diet will increase the growth of your hair and keep you overall healthy. Antioxidant foods such as blueberries, onions, cherries, and tomatoes should be used in the diet. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day at least.

During the third week, you are free to get your hair cut and style your hair as you desire. That is a fine time to even treat you with a gentle scalp massage. You should also use these herbs to help promote your hair growth: sage, essential oils of rosemary, and peppermint. Most salons and hairdressers will sell you these oils. Ask if it is feasible to get a hot towel service and a gentle head massage when you are there.