Four Reasons You May Need a Business Immigration Attorney

Below will be a description of who business immigration attorneys are and where you can hire one. If you live in the Ogden, Utah area and think that you may need legal counsel today, consider this firm.

What is a business immigration attorney?

Business Immigration Attorneys are responsible for assisting domestic and international corporations and businesses, transferring their non-citizen employees from foreign offices, and hiring them in domestic offices. Some of the specifics that this type of attorney may cover include work visas, investor visas, employment-based green cards, and the like. They are the go-to for a wide array of issues surrounding foreign to domestic employment.

When Would I Need a Business Immigration Attorney?

Work Visas

According to the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services organization, “If you have the right combination of skills, education, and/or work experience, you may be able to live and work permanently in the United States by seeking an employment-based immigrant visa.” Hiring a business immigration attorney will greatly improve your chances of having an accepted work visa.

Intra-Company Transfers

Some companies share structures in both foreign and domestic countries. When a person is working in one country and wants to move to another and stay under the employment of their company, they can go through an intra-company transfer.

Business Visitors

If you work for a global company, the chances are that you will have to travel for meetings, events, and the like. A B-1 visa allows for participation in consulting, training, and other business travel needs in the United States.

Family Immigration

There are exceptions for foreign workers to be reunited with their families. If an employee is given an extended work assignment in the United States but is not a citizen, they require a visa. In some circumstances, they may be able to bring their spouse and any minor children they may have as well.

Check out this Ogden, Utah Law Firm

In the city of Ogden, Utah, this firm will meet all of your business immigration needs. Whether it be work visas or investor visas, or the like, they will unlock the complexity surrounding immigration options available to both companies and individuals. If you feel you may need their services, give them a call today. They are expert business immigration attorneys in Ogden, Utah, and can be the difference between successfully receiving a visa or not.

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