Every piece of information you need to know about Satta Matka

Satta or gambling is one of the most known and widely practiced games across the world. In the Indian subcontinent, it is illegal. Along with India, several other countries also banned this game. But Satta never got vanished! Several underground casinos and companies run Satta games. This is very much in practice even in the present scenario. Here is brief information about the game and everything associated with it. 


Rising high: 

Satta was started in India. Right after the independence of the country in 1947, everything was in hustle and bustle and during 1950, Satta King started in India. It was known as ‘Ankada Jugar’ back then and was fully based in Mumbai. The whole game attracted people from all over the country, the British who stayed back in India and especially the anglo- Indians. The game was very interesting and wonderfully paying. That is the reason that people started pouring money into it. A normal Satta parlor used to have a huge turnover of 500 crores a month! During the 90’s era, this became a widespread practice across the country. 

Fall out: 

In 1991, Indian police started intervening and the game was banned by the government. Some parlors got crashed over time. Some shifted to betting on cricket and some started selling lottery tickets. Though the Satta Matka didn’t stay long, the name stayed like a watermark. Betting on cricket is a sister concern of this Satta Matka 143. Betting on cricket is also illegal in India. But during the Indian Premier League or IPL, it starts every year. In 2000, Indian police raided and found the kingpins, some teams got dissolved, some players were punished, team authorities were put behind the bars. But all of that is history, even today, betting is very much going on! 


Even today, the Matka game is back with Matka Guessing 143. It is a number based game and one needs to match numbers under several categories. Here are some terminologies associated with the game. To understand the SattaKing143 Guessing fully, one needs to know these terminologies. 

  • ‘Single’ is the digit between any number from 0 to 9
  • ‘Jodi’ is when you draw any two similar digits; like 11 or 99 etc. 
  • ‘Open and Close’ when you draw four numbers; the first two become the OPEN one and the last two become the CLOSE ones. 
  • ‘Panna/Patti’ is when three-digit numbers are drawn. 
  • ‘Single Patti’ is like 123, ‘Double Patti’ is like 112 and ‘Triple Patti’ is like 111. 
  • ‘Cycle Patti’ is when three digits are drawn, the last two are called ‘cycle Patti’; like if you draw 134, then 34 would be the cycle, Patti. 
  • ‘Berji’ is when the numbers are added, the last number we get is the Berji; means if you get 68, when added, it gives 14; now 4 will be the Berji.
  • ‘Farak’ is the difference between the Open and Close results. That means, if you have 5 and 9 as Open and Close, the Farak is 4. 

These are some essential information related to SattaKing143 Guessing Kalyan. The game is very much even in the present day.