Easy Window Curtains Four bedrooms

Choosing bedroom curtains can at times feel quite overwhelming particularly with going up to type, style, fabric weights, thickness, pattern, and so on. But before becoming bogged down by the finer points it’s important to keep in mind that the primary function of bedroom curtains is simply to effectively block out the external light while still keeping your bedroom comfortable. This in effect means that one size doesn’t fit all and you need to be very careful when choosing to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your window. 


So if you’re having a hard time making up your mind about which bedroom curtains to buy, here are a few pointers to help make things easier:

* Use plain white curtains or white striped curtains for white walls. Plain white curtains don’t have the wow factor that striped or printed curtains do and they can look boring without some pattern or color to draw attention to them. However, a plain white curtain can be paired with an interesting throw or floral print pillow covers to make a colorful look that’s subtle yet flattering. You can also go for a plaid pattern. Plaid typically goes well with neutral colors but you can use different colored patterns to accentuate it if you want. A good tip is to match your curtains and pillow covers to your bedroom colors.

* Don’t overdo it with the pattern on your curtains. It looks odd and will be harder to cover up in case there is too much color. For a casual look, choose solid or pale-colored curtains that are a few colors lighter than the wall. If you’re going for a more formal look, opt for fabrics that have more of a pattern. Examples of these include brocade and velvet.

* Choose a fabric that matches your bedroom color scheme. Most modern decors are fairly neutral and so your curtains will complement the rest of the interior quite well. If your walls are in a neutral color (beige, brown, black, etc.) then you should stick to solid curtains with just a little bit of color thrown in for good measure. If you want to add a splash of color to your walls, then you can choose a patterned curtain with a decorative valance.

* Don’t go for loud patterns or bright colors that will make your room look small. The trick to making your room look bigger is to create a sense of space. Instead of going for bold patterns and vibrant colors, choose solid tones with just a touch of purple for a fresh, vibrant look. If you do use bright colors, make sure that they’re in moderation. You don’t want your curtains to become the focal point of the room.

* Avoid bold and dark colors. These colors often work best in children’s rooms and can even work for smaller apartments. Bold and dark patterns contrast well with the solid grey panels that make up most bedrooms. However, if you really want a nighttime effect then go for the darker shades.

* Avoid using panels. Panels look great when used to create interesting patterns on the curtains but are hard to maintain when the sun is shining through the windows. Blinds work best because they give the option to open them completely and to allow sunlight into your room without blocking it out. Blinds also offer the advantage of easy cleaning and maintenance.