Difference Between Pro Forma invoices and Tax invoices?

If you own a business, then proper knowledge about invoices becomes essential. An invoice is a document that can be used to package up the services or products that your business provides. It can also serve as a record of the transaction for both you and your customer.

What is a Pro Forma Invoice?

A Pro Forma Invoice is an initial invoice generated using free invoice software by the seller to give the buyer necessary information about the goods. It contains a summary of an agreement between two parties and the terms of the same, and can be used as an estimate for future sales.

Purpose of a Pro Forma Invoice

The purpose of a Pro Forma Invoice is to provide an estimated cost of the goods to the buyer. It also makes the buyer understand the content of the goods before making a purchase. 

When is a Pro Forma Invoice Generated?

A Pro Forma Invoice is often considered as a business proposal

What is a Tax Invoice?

A Tax Invoice is generated by the seller when a purchase is made. It includes the description of the goods/services purchased by the buyer. A Tax Invoice indicates the confirmation of the sale and is non-negotiable. It requests the buyer to make the payment for the goods purchased and includes details of the goods/services

What is a tax invoice?

A tax invoice is a document that contains information about the amount of money or goods owed. It can also be used as evidence in any trades between two parties. 

When is it generated?

When a customer makes a purchase, the seller can generate a gst invoice bill with the details of the goods provided by the seller
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