Create Warm Ambiance With Country Kitchen Cabinets


The country kitchen is an American favorite. When you hear the word “cheap” often, one of your first thoughts is often “cheap country kitchen furniture.” The warm, inviting feeling come to mind when seeing beaded-patterned curtains, deep, woven wood paneling, or an old-fashioned farmhouse sink might stem from a cherished childhood memory of Grandma s kitchen or a sweet old television series from long ago. These classic furnishings are as popular today as they have ever been. Let’s look at some more country kitchen furniture and where it all came from.

There are two broad types of country kitchen furniture: the original features and the modern features. The original features were wooden beams on four corners and three sets of shelves above the food preparation area. The floor was usually a mixture of hardwood and dirt. “Original features” are still very popular. Modern features, on the other hand, can be anything from stainless steel appliances to laminate countertops. While original features are still quite popular, modern furnishings have really expanded the scope of country kitchen design.

Often called “old-fashioned” because of its utilitarian, country kitchen design, the Lazy Susans is one of the best examples of an original feature used in modern kitchens. This is a combination of an Old World sink with contemporary lighting. The basin, made of stone, sits on a cast-iron framework with a wooden back rest. The basin is then covered with porcelain. The Lazy Susan has an antique finish, and the lighting comes in blue and white – the colors of the rice farmers from which the family derives its name.

An alternative to the Lazy Susan is the country kitchen with a more earthy look. There is often a mix of materials like rock and ceramics with distressed finishes. This type of scheme can be a bit nostalgic. If you enjoy the charm and history of an earlier style, these natural materials can help to create a similar ambience, without the utilitarian tendencies of the Lazy Susan design.

Another country kitchen idea that goes along with the classic farmhouse motif is a rustic country kitchen with wooden flooring. This kind of design works especially well in an older home where the flooring has seen better days. Many people want to keep the original features while updating their homes to reflect the latest designs, trends and styles. Wooden flooring is a popular choice for this particular scheme.

Finally, another country kitchen idea that has been growing in popularity is the use of stone as the primary material for the walls and roof. It is extremely durable, but it can also be bolder than many other materials, with large, sweeping wooden beams used for the supporting structure of the walls. These wooden beams are finished with decorative carvings. This combination of solid and painted or natural materials is a great way to bring a more modern look to your kitchen’s.

There are a number of styles of country kitchen cabinetry that you may consider when renovating your kitchen. One idea is to create a combination of modern and rustic elements. This particular style is very popular and can combine the best of both worlds. For example, you could use rustic wooden beams as the back wall of the pantry or sideboard, then accessorize with modern pottery for your splashbacks. The possibilities really are endless.

The key to decorating country kitchens with traditional farmhouse furnishings is to create a warm atmosphere that will bring your family close together. Themes such as those seen in Thomasville or the old country kitchens of Maryland are very popular. A warm and cozy atmosphere can be created by adding cozy area rugs, lots of candles and, of course, plenty of wood burning cookery. A country-style kitchen should have all of these elements and much more. By bringing all of these elements together, you can create a country-style kitchen that will be the ideal place for you and your family to gather.